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I've never been able to install SWTOR

Hi m8s!

The truth is, I've never been able to install SWTOR. I thought it was a beta thing back in the days but the problem remains. I use the online installer (free trial). After downloading the 12GB of data, the installation starts and somewhere in a random asset; it just fails.

I am on win7, everything is up to date and my antivirus is disabled...

Worst of all, it seems I am the only one experiencing this problem, since other people are actually playing the game.



  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon

    I had to disable my antivirus and allow access through my firewall to the install program, immediately setting off red flags in my mind.

  • DJimbroseDJimbrose Rockville, MDPosts: 3Member

    I have two very similar PCs. Both are Windows 7 64 bit OS and I can't get SWTOR to install on one of them. I tried everything support said, what I found on forums, and copying the files from the working PC. I just gave up and cancelled. I have been playing online games since 1994 with many PCs and never had this happen to me before.


    You are not alone.

  • toodlepip123toodlepip123 pentre, FLPosts: 125Member

    The launcher is very sensitive. One of the good workarounds is try and take out a RAM stick or two. There have been reports that if there is any kind of problem with the ram, the launcher will just error out.   It's something that Bioware have said they are working on, and are redesigning the entire launcher to allow manual patching and less sensetive installation.

  • Moaky07Moaky07 Flushing, MIPosts: 2,096Member

    I would suggest you hit up the official forums, and check out tech support.


    I am sure others have run across your current issues. GL in getting it sorted out. :)

    Asking Devs to make AAA sandbox titles is like trying to get fine dining on a McDonalds dollar menu budget.

  • wrightstufwrightstuf Carlsbad, CAPosts: 659Member Uncommon

    Not sure what the "12 gig of data" is you downloaded, but the swtor client is well over twice that big.

  • ComfyChairComfyChair BirminghamPosts: 758Member

    beta possibly?

  • QuesaQuesa Sacramento, CAPosts: 1,432Member Uncommon

    This site should consider handing out Hater badges.

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  • Mud_MonsterMud_Monster Springfield, ILPosts: 229Member Uncommon

    I had the same problem.  Was due to a bad stick of ram.  Run memtest86+ to see if that might be the cause for you as well:


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