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any updated thoughts on this game ?

ShadanwolfShadanwolf Posts: 2,247Member Uncommon




  • DukeJohnDukeJohn Corpus Christi, TXPosts: 5Member

    In October of 2011 I played this game.  I lasted about a week before I stopped.  I had to keep telling myself it was a free game, because it doesn't offer all the pvp options of today's subscription games.  Of course with many of the paid games going to a F2P model there is a lot to choose from now.  I will say this game was fun for a while and it does have enough polish to be up there with the big boys, it just lacks certain pvp features that I have come to expect.  The concept is great and you feel like you are playing a game on the verge of something big, but alas it just doesn't seem to quite make it there.

    Now, I only played about 7-10 days and didn't spend a penny on it, so I don't know about all the end game features and I am more of a pvp player.

    As for would I go back to the game? No, not unless some big company took it over and put some time into it.  It does have a lot of potential.

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