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Just one US server now?

slowpoke68slowpoke68 Chicago, ILPosts: 468Member Uncommon

Hey guys, from what I gather there is just one US server now, Badlands.  Is this true?  Also, how is there enough of a population now that they have merged down to one server?

Last question, how is balance?



  • bumuscheekusbumuscheekus LondonPosts: 214Member

    Tick toc tick toc

  • ProsonProson MandalPosts: 544Member Uncommon

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  • arctarusarctarus nilPosts: 2,577Member Uncommon
    zuuz, I wouldn't blame bumu for reacting like that.

    I personally did come back twice, " trying to like the game " but the core mechanics is the problem.

    the leveling, crafting, lack of ppl doing pq etc... drive me away.

    I just hope that, in my wildest dream that another company will bought over and redo it.

    such a brilliant IP yet so wasted!

    RIP Orc Choppa

  • DyrttDyrtt Houston, TXPosts: 422Member

    I also came back a few times.  I actually loved the game and played it for almost a year after it first came out.  Unfortunately, as populations dwindled, so did my interest.  The thing about pvp centric games is, if there is no one around to fight, then there is nothing to do.  I ended up hopping from zone to zone looking for some action and never finding it.  


    Also, Proson, if you've never tried the game, then you should probably refrain from expressing an opinion about it.  While there are elements that are similar to WOW, I felt that the experience as a whole was quite different.  For example, in WOW, you can play solo pretty much right up to level cap, experiencing the story and the world as a whole.  In WAR, if you can't find a group, then you're pretty much stuck to doing the battlegrounds with PUGS.  That gets dull and frustration after awhile.     

  • ZuuzZuuz GroningenPosts: 44Member

    Well, that's actually my point. Too many people hardly gave this game a fair try (and why should they, when half the mmorpg world is shouting how this game failed?). Thing is, even when playing it now, with all the new shiny games around, this game still has the best pvp/rvr of any game on the market. It's sadly true that noone is interested in running the PQ's anymore, so if you're into PVE, I can safely say this game is not for you. 

    I just think it's a tad strange that everyone in mmorpg-land is looking for good pvp, and it's right here - but hey, WAR failed right? so why try it

  • nerovipus32nerovipus32 dublinPosts: 2,735Member

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  • bumuscheekusbumuscheekus LondonPosts: 214Member

    Are there some comments missing from this thread? Were people very bold and insulting :-D

    It's a great game. Correction: WAS a great game. Lovely attention to detail in animations (I dearly miss my shammy 'no shines' and general gobbo fix), rvr was possibly the best pvp-based fun I've ever had (pre-old T3 when it essentially turned into a knock-back fest). Lets not even discuss the PVE end as it was nothing if not an utterly  pointless afterthought. 

    However. It's all dead as dillinger now. The best thing they could do is go F2P to extend the lifespan of the game a bit but I sense that if they had that in mind they would have done that before it dropped to one server. Best just milk what they can from peeps before one server turns to none. AND, with no responsibility to release updates to speak of for years it's a win win for them. I resubbed several times over the years and always had fun till I got bored of endless keep capping and queueing for things. Last time I came back 6 months ago it had turned into a desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland with bugger-all players watching mindless NPCs carry resources (on all my toons spreading across all the tiers bar cap) and ice age long waiting queues for action once you left T1. Chickenlicken - the world is shrinking, go tell the other animals. 

  • DukeJohnDukeJohn Corpus Christi, TXPosts: 5Member

    I really enjoyed this game.  My cousin and I still talk about the epic fights we had.  Eventually though, we would level out of areas and continue on.  Once we reached the end game, it just wasn't as much fun for us as it was at the lower levels.  We came back once or twice, but without some sort of xpoff, it just lost interest for us.

    We will always think fondly of the game, but for us, the game is already in the past, a memory... Now if they just allowed for xpoff, I am sure we would return, at least until GW2 came out.

    Best of Luck WAR...

  • Games888Games888 Chicago, ILPosts: 243Member

    another failed design, PQ all over the place but cant do them solo.


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