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Should Isabelle Parsley be fired from due to her collum?



  • stevebmbsqdstevebmbsqd Orlando, FLPosts: 448Member
    I call for the banning of nomatics856. Since you can't spell or use proper grammar when expressing your thoughts, you should not be able to post your opinions.
  • DredphyreDredphyre Los Angeles, CAPosts: 601Member

    Hmmm...I'd say the OP is a rather good example of WHY I rarely group. Hysterical, hyperbolic, ignorant, angry ranting. Boy! Where can I sign up to group with someone like that!!??


    You know, the problem isn't grouping. When I find a core guild that meets my standards, I really rather enjoy their company and grouping.  The days of EQ are gone where I'd settle for substandard playmates.

  • ForumPvPForumPvP KingstownPosts: 871Member

    Originally posted by Paragus1

    Whether you agree or disagree with the content of someone's opinion, don't you think it is silly to silence voices that have a different viewpoint than yours?   Instead of trying to silence an opposing arguement, you could....I don't civil and debate it?  Or you could just stop reading articles from people you don't like.

    Just like many here are trying to silence OP right now.

    Let's internet

  • gainesvilleggainesvilleg Gainesville, FLPosts: 1,053Member Common

    Originally posted by stevebmbsqd

    I call for the banning of nomatics856. Since you can't spell or use proper grammar when expressing your thoughts, you should not be able to post your opinions.

    It is funny that he spelled it "collum" as I actually imagine him as Gollum based on that post.  I can picture him sitting there typing with burning hate in his heart.  After typing each sentence he probably utters "Gollum!  Gollum!"

    I also chuckled at his sentence where he said he had a hard time finding groups.  Shocker...

    GW2 "built from the ground up with microtransactions in mind"
    1) Cash->Gems->Gold->Influence->WvWvWBoosts = PAY2WIN
    2) Mystic Chests = Crass in-game cash shop advertisements

  • KrelianKrelian GöteborgPosts: 384Member Uncommon


    Heheheh!! Lol sounds like somebody has taking an extreme dose of ''self righteousness pills''.

    And personally, i like to play my MMO'S with other people, BUT I DO APPRICIATE solo content for those times when its just too late or too hard to get a group rolling ;)

  • jdnewelljdnewell Spring Hill, TNPosts: 2,151Member Uncommon

    I think anyone who does not share my opinion is wrong and must be fired..............ummmmm...........yeah.

    Go outside some bro. That glowing ball in the sky wont hurt you and the people you see in the world walking around are actually interactive. Some even may want to spend time with you, Never know till you try it...........

  • acidbloodacidblood melbournePosts: 530Member Uncommon

    Sounds more like your (the OPs) problem is that modern MMOs are just too easy, and to a large extent I agree in as much as you should still be able to solo in MMOs, but it should be a slower and much harder path than grouping. I don't think it's right to say that MMOs are multiplayer therefore you must group or you can't do anything... that's taking it too far, but yeah, that it is easier, faster and more profitable to grind quests solo than in a group is a serious design flaw in a number of current MMOs.

    I think the combat system of a lot of current MMOs also plays into this, as in there isn't much skill involved, it's just whoever can wack the other over the head harder, so hopefully as combat systems evolve (TERA and to some extent GW2 with dodge and positioning playing a large role) this will become less the case... I'm not holding my breath though as the majority of gamers don't really seem to want a challenge, just the rewards at the end.

    To answer the question in the title: No, she is expressing her opinion, just as you are expressing yours.

  • dopplemmodopplemmo toronto, ONPosts: 31Member Common

    Originally posted by nomatics856

    I am sorry you are whats bad with mmorpgs today, you are the reason this soloist plague exist. MMORPGS are about grouping, and grouping 70-90% of the time. The soloing agenda has been done to death and guess what? Its failed, its failed on many many levels, you cant have a soloist type of mmorpg, you do that you will end up a watered down boring snore fest, just like mmorpgs are today that cater for the soloing crowd.


    Wrong. Nobody is holding a gun and forcing developers to try to cater to soloists. Developers do it of their own free will in order to get as large an audience and thus revenue, as possible. They have yet to find the best way to do this and please both soloists and groupers most of the time, that's for sure. But maybe you should stop being a crybaby just because games are not totally developed around your personal desires, please.

  • SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News Manager The CitadelPosts: 22,968MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

    The short answer to the OP's question is, "Absolutely not."

    This thread is now finished.

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