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Looking for mmo with player based economy

Astro6Astro6 Posts: 234Member Uncommon

Looking for an mmo that has a player based economy ie everything is player made and has decent population.



  • rawfoxrawfox HamburgPosts: 749Member Uncommon

    Face of Mankind

    Fallen Earth

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare


    EVE Online (link to wikipedia EVE page, section on Economy)

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  • BrokenSpoonBrokenSpoon LondonPosts: 205Member

    I would say EVE too. 

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  • Ex0dUs101Ex0dUs101 ManchesterPosts: 269Member Uncommon

    Wurm Online

  • GetzMangoGetzMango CT USAPosts: 182Member Uncommon

    Eve is a good choice, also may want to consider Pirates of the Burning Sea. Population is on the rise, lots of economy opportuiities. 

    Best of luck.

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  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common

    wakfu - UO meets HOMM on acid

  • RefMinorRefMinor MyTownPosts: 3,452Member Uncommon
    Perpetuum, EvE meets Mechwarrior
  • Kurt114Kurt114 San Francisco, CAPosts: 5Member

    Thanks a lot!

  • HeroEvermoreHeroEvermore salem, ORPosts: 672Member

    wakfu is 100% player economy. Even the initial "dollar" has to be made from the earth :D

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  • brutotalbrutotal whereverPosts: 276Member

    Originally posted by RefMinor

    Perpetuum, EvE meets Mechwarrior


    Perp is really small, for a game about economy you end up doing tons of things yourself because no one else plays. Or you join a corp and get everything handed to you because what am I going to do with it? Sell it? 


    Game has tremendous potetial squandered by the number of players. 


    If you want a game where everything comes from players, people shift their play style during inflation, and people making billions off of candlecarts eve is for you. Sadly nothing comes close. 

  • darkshad9999darkshad9999 Edmonton, ABPosts: 6Member
    Originally posted by rawfox
    Face of Mankind Fallen Earth


    Not even close I would avoid both of those games Face of Mankind has a really crappy economy to the point of

    non-existance. The economy is really crap in this game.


    Fallen Earth it was good until they came out with a recent 4.x patch which basically killed their economy and their crafting ability where they dropped down all of their crafting queues to 2 even if you previously donated and put money into the game.  Fallen Earn went after the quick buck and a lot of players revolted when this happend and quit the game.  The game and the economy / crafting has gone way down hill recently I would avoid this game as well.


    I have played both of these games avoid both of them they are not good.

  • JackSmthJackSmth The HaguePosts: 17Member

    Player driven economy mmo's I know:


    • Ryzom (The Saga of Ryzom)
    • EVE Online
    • Pirates of the Burning Sea
  • worldalphaworldalpha Milton, ONPosts: 403Member
    Our game in development WorldAlpha is a player driven economy.

    Working on Social Strategy MMORTS (now Launched!)

  • DraronDraron A town in, KYPosts: 993Member

    EVE, Wakfu, Wurm, Mabinogi and Ultima. Best ones that contain a player based economy IMO.

    Edit: I just replied to a thread that's 5 months old. 

  • TweFojuTweFoju Saitama & Jakarta ( current )Posts: 1,089Member Uncommon

    while its true that Wakfu has 100% player economy, but this game really not recommended, i mean, it would take me pages just to point out the bad thing about the game, but you should give it a try and see how it goes

    but my vote still goes to EvE

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