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something like farmville but not.

joojoo1975joojoo1975 centralia, ILPosts: 275Member Uncommon

Wife is asking me to make a post here as she's gettin bored with Farmville and would like something like farmville but not with the Cons.


Pro:  create and customize your own kingdom/plot of land.  Plant/harvest crops and stuff in order to get mats for other items and things yuou want/need.  little side quests to help pass the time.  Wanna be a casual player, not spend all day on the game. no PvP


Con:  Relies Heavily on player cooperation and the likes.  Limited amout of stuff one can do, unless you have game energy to do it, and the main way to earn energy is time.  She has a lot of "downtime" on her game because of the energy issue and other factors of farmville and castleville. 



any of you peeps out there think of a game.  I was gonna sugest haven and hearth, but since i am currently playing it, it's a shell of what it used to be.  now it's a haunt or exploiters/blatent cheaters, griefers, and overall Ass-hat population, serioulsy bout 90% of the game population I would consider Ass Hats(devs are focusing on another game so they are unable to work on H&H at this time)

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  • just1opinionjust1opinion Kansas City, MOPosts: 4,641Member Uncommon

    BigFish Games


    "Wandering Willows"  is the name of the game.


    Fun, fun, fun, fun.  And you can download a demo of it for free.  Your wife will love it.  Has the good elements of Farmville without the "cons," and even more to it than Farmville.  Lots of recipes to make food with your farming too, and loads of other things. By the only costs $7 to buy it, so it's well worth taking the minute to download the demo and try it out at least for free.

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  • VhalnVhaln Chicago, ILPosts: 3,159Member

    I'd love to see MMOs take some cues from games like Farmville and the Sims.  Not all MMOs, but at least one or two, with modern 3d graphics, player housing, crafting, farming, and all the customization they can fit therein.. but I don't know any games like that.

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  • FoxkounFoxkoun St. Charles, MOPosts: 96Member

    I believe there have been attempts at MMo versions of Harvest moon, none of which made much way..

  • Mr_WolfxMr_Wolfx Columbus, TXPosts: 176Member

    That really sucks what happened to HnH, used to be one of my favorite games and it could've been amazing if they would continue to update it. I guess it's good they're focusing on Salem now, since the 2 devs for the company really know how to listen to the players. So I'd say, keep your fingers crossed for Salem.

    Also I'm gonna second Wandering Willows, just started playing and it's a really fun timewaster.

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  • FoxkounFoxkoun St. Charles, MOPosts: 96Member


  • HeroEvermoreHeroEvermore salem, ORPosts: 672Member

    Go play Wakfu. it is exactly what it sounds like you are looking for. it is like farmville on rhoids. With turn based combat ala final fantasy tactics and a cool political system. I highly reccomend it if you are looking to merge farmville with an mmorpg setting. Its pretty amazing.


    She can solo the entire game and you can gather next to the highest lvl mobs in game. meaning she could max crafting and be like lvl 5 lol. plus she can use those meterials to build up her "bag" (storage/housing) which is preatty neato!

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  • BenediktBenedikt PraguePosts: 1,406Member Uncommon

    I would say Wurm Online on one of the freedom servers. They are PvP free, and tho it still favors asshattery, if you want you can mostly protect yourself from it.

  • Glitch might be worth a try.  It's a bit different graphically but it is heavily crafting based and eventually you can make everything.

    On the other end would be LOTRO - there is farming in the game (way different than Farmville, not near as fun) and a whole bunch of other crafting but there really is no way to become a top level crafter without combat.

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