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Casual LF Oceanic Guild

AkechtaAkechta HamiltonPosts: 219Member

Title says it all. Casual player looking for an Oceanic guild (I live in NZ) for GW2. Both PvP and PvE.


  • taylor2144taylor2144 sydneyPosts: 64Member

    There has already been a thread for this.... I dont think anyones intrested in starting up one, Yet!


    But incase anyone does, 

    20 Australian... Casual pve, hardcore pvp  :)

  • AkechtaAkechta HamiltonPosts: 219Member

    I guess I could start one up after launch... but I'd like to wait it out and see if anyone else does it. I'm not one for leading.

  • ZillenZillen BrisbanePosts: 141Member

    It would be nice if somebody took the initiative. I'm certainly not one for running a guild, as study takes up a lot of my time. However, it is an unfortunate pause that we must suffer.

    There hasn't be any word that there will even be Oceanic servers yet, and while the GW2 team do not seem like the type to repeat the mistakes of competitors and screw over demographics, we also are not sure that they won't pull another SW:TOR on us and put us on hold so they can have a "high quality product" for Americans.

    If we do not have our own servers, it will make the operation of an Oceanic guild slightly more difficult. Connecting to other servers and joining offshore guilds can be an irritatingly out-of-sync experience, and while my WoW days were fun regardless, I don't plan on repeating the process in GW2 unless it's a really top notch guild that's offering a place.

    If lag's an issue, tunnelling services are available. However, I just don't think anyone will bother trying to put anything together until more details are announced about their situation with Oceania.

    *sigh* Its situations like this that simultaneously make me want to migrate to America and yell at other countries that Australian gamers DO exist.

    I'm really sick of the whole "There's a massive fanbase for X", or "Y would be a WoW-killer if it just had a chance".

    There is no massive conspiracy waiting in the MMO playerbase.

    There are no "sleeper-agent fans" waiting to convert once the X or Y is unleashed on the world.

  • Hey, our GW2 division in Midnight Squadron may be able to accomodate that. We have players from all timezones so you may find a few around yours. And if not you may get a bunch of players from your timezone together and join up anyway...I'm just a cadet (recruit) though so no promises :D.

  • illorionillorion Beckley, WVPosts: 467Member

    Devoted to pure nonsense and copious sexytimes.

    There is a very diverse crowd here. Lots of pople from EU AUS and NA so you always have someone to play with.

    The leader is one of the nicest girls youll meet.

    We don't really have a specific direction that the guild leans towards as far as PvP or PvE but no matter what you want to do there is surely someone else in the guild that wants to as well.

    The only requirement to join is that you know how to take a joke.

    "Don't mistake a fun game for a good game... Checkers is fun to play but its not exactly the highest point of gaming design... and definatly not worth $60 plus $15 a month"

  • AnnarkeyAnnarkey SydneyPosts: 5Member Growing very fast, very large and active member base. :)

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