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is this a good game i dont trust the preview

lordyalordya mollala, ORPosts: 6Member

i was just wondering if it was worth playing it sounds good but i dont know..



  • VazertVazert minneapolis, MNPosts: 60Member

    could not hurt tocheck it out.

  • lordyalordya mollala, ORPosts: 6Member

    well from wat i hear it could delete files wen uninstalled so if im going to take that risk of losing i want to no if it good

    other wise i hav to del it and might lose stuff...


  • VazertVazert minneapolis, MNPosts: 60Member

    after a little reading .....the issue that is being reported is with the uninstaller. if you do decide to give it a go and decide to later leave it do a manual uninstall.

  • lordyalordya mollala, ORPosts: 6Member

    ok thx ill try this!!!


  • zellmerzellmer Fakesville, WIPosts: 442Member Uncommon

    It's unninstaller deletes everything it's placed in basically.

    If you changed it's location to like your C: directory it will delete EVERYTHING on C, but if you let it install into the Aeria folder it wanted it will just delete that.


    Anyways, it looses its "umph" pretty dang fast because there isn't a whole lot to do.  Getting higher positions and ranks is about it currently still. 

    Say you really care about your guild rank or player rank, it'd still be impossible to over take anyone whose been playing since the start.


    Only other distraction is crafting but that's just farming the arena again and again with a group so you can get the materials to fail enough.  Since there's nothing else to do in the game really, that's what most everyone is doing sadly.

  • MikeTheSaintMikeTheSaint WatfordPosts: 74Member

    Originally posted by zellmer looses its "umph" pretty dang fast

    I found that was the problem with the console games. Fun for a while but turned stale pretty quickly. You would always see it in the reduced sections and bargain bins.

  • JchungJchung S.F, CAPosts: 8Member

    It gets kinda boring after a while.

  • aleosaleos na, INPosts: 1,895Member Uncommon
  • RakujiRakuji Rossville, GAPosts: 139Member Uncommon

    i tried it out, i couldnt get a quest after doing the tutorial crap. the game is garbage and it pisses me off. cause i loved the console games.

    Kick to the Face.

  • SlukjanSlukjan Burlington, VTPosts: 265Member Uncommon

    It takes a little while to learn how it works differently then the console...definitley use a controller if possible.  I had fun with it but it did seem to get old after a while.  But it is fun for a while...the battles are very similar to the console games so if that's what you like then give the game a try.

  • ValencianWinValencianWin San Francisco, CAPosts: 8Member

    Don't even bother playing this piece of garbage. Go play DW7 instead.

  • MikeTheSaintMikeTheSaint WatfordPosts: 74Member

    Agreed, its an ok franchise thats been converted to a pretty shit genre/platform.

    And it seems in the years its been running they've done pretty much bugger all with it, whereas I hear the latest console versions have evolved and are getting much better.

    Oh yeah and you can only have 4 weapons in your storage to play with.

    All in all, just buy the latest console version for your DW fix... Or for any gaming fix. MMO's are just plain dull as ditchwater only far more expensive.

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