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The Unity Engine

KarahandrasKarahandras Sible HedinghamPosts: 1,692Member Uncommon

Just curious as to peoples thoughts on the use of this engine.

It's used in battlestar Galactica online and they have some 'sample' projects for you to test it out on their website. 

So far everything I've tried that uses doesn't seem to run smoothly.  I'm not saying they're buggy, more the flow of the game doesn't feel smooth.  There seems to me to be a sort of in built reistance to the flow of the game, sort of 'I will do it but under protest' if you get my drift.  This makes it feel to me as if unity is more of a hobby engine than a professional one.  Used because it's chaep and easy rather than the best choice.


Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it's use or some better experiences?


  • CopenhagenCopenhagen Sherwood, ARPosts: 57Member Uncommon

    Well, I've been playing Battlestar Galactica Online off and on for a while now. 

    I guess it could be better, but, it is pretty impressive for a browser game, I have to say.


    Main problem I have with BSGO is the lack of PvE content.  But If PvP is what your in for, it has more of that than you can shake a stick at.   I like to refer to it as a Free dumbed down version of Eve Online, without the stress of losing your ship when you die.

  • tuzalovtuzalov waterloo, ONPosts: 183Member

    I have played many games using that paticular engine and have been involved with making a few it's an amazing set of tools that seem to get overlooked by developers who opt instead to use their own proprietary engines.


    Heres a list of some games that use Unity.


    ST:IS using Unity could be amazing all depends on how much dev time is put in,I would suspect though that it will be a awesome game.


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