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Lord of the Rings Online: Update 6 - Soldiers on the Landscape



  • samuraislyr4samuraislyr4 san jose, CAPosts: 73Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by dopplemmo

    The Pros and Cons of the article are largely irrelevant, as this soldier on landscape feature will be used very sparringly. You see, to use this in the wild world, you will have to use a  special token, which will permit the use of the soldier for 1 hour.

    Cost of token:

    100 turbine points


    min 20/max 45 175 marks and 10 medallions

    min 46/max 50 500 marks and 25 medallions

    min 71/max 95! 1,500 marks and 75 medallions

    If you want more info, you can check the LOTRO forums, look for the Bullroarer (public test server) section.


    That was something I had not known about, but you are correct.

    That is an interesting choice on Turbine's part, but it does mean that half of my concerns are really not relevant. Still I do wonder about these tokens and the hour they provide. I wonder if you can space it out.

  • Flaming_MMOFlaming_MMO Jefferson, GAPosts: 137Member

    This was possibly going to be something that lured me back to playing LOTRO until I saw that they will cost 100 tp an hour to use.  Not even going to bother at this point.  Still waiting until EQ goes FTP in about a week and half, there it just costs gold for upkeep on a merc.



  • trancejeremytrancejeremy St. Louis, MOPosts: 1,222Member Uncommon

    Yeah, I have a lifetime sub and I never play LOTRO anymore.

    This might have brought me back. But not for $1 an hour of playtime, basically. Sure, I get free points, 500 a month, but that's only 5 hours worth.

    If they are going to do this, why not 10 points an hour? Maybe just an unlock, say 500 points per character?

    R.I.P. City of Heroes and my 17 characters there

  • banditoabanditoa windham, OHPosts: 13Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Torvaldr


    I'll give you a hint.  There is no way to max out your soldier unless you pay TP or bought the unlock with an xpac.


    I think the game is hugely expensive if you want to play the full meal deal and a total gouge.  We all have our opinions.


    not sure exactly what you're trying to advocate. so you're not serious enough to want to actually reach endgame content in expansions, you feel like a fluff feature that's part of said expansions should be given to you for free? subscribers that don't own the expansions can't even level their skirm soldiers up past the default cap. quit acting as if it's some kind of abstract limitation. skirm cap increase is part of the expansions. you have to buy it like everyone else if you want it.


    also, the devs have clearly stated that this feature is NOT limited to the cash shop store. landscape skirmish tokens can be bought in-game via skirmish camps, which is not associated with spending realworld currency in the cash shop.  at least do some damn fact checking before raging about b/s you don't even have a clear grasp of:


    the game is not expensive. i've played for more than two years, and own nearly all of the content without paying more than 80$ or so. they have big sales all the time on content. how much does it cost to play rift, WoW, or any other polished subscription MMO for two years? a hell of a lot mroe than 80$ i'd wager.


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