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These guys have Sanya Weathers...Sanya Freakin Weathers!!!



  • kishekishe aitooPosts: 2,002Member Uncommon

    Sanya still holds #1 spot for my all time favorites in community managers, definately will get Dominus.



  • ComafComaf Chicago, ILPosts: 1,149Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Apotheos

    you really don't need to say more than this, they have Sanya Weathers....but they have some vets from other MMO's as well including people from WAR, SWTOR, and others.....
    For the players who care about great 3 faction RvR and PvP in general, this game is for us.

    It stinks that the 3 realm medieval mmorpg seems to be no more.  However, that being said, I am all for this.  I'll yawn through SWTOR until this is ready.



  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Looks like sanya was one of the smart ones that got out when ea got in. Like the people who left mythic for bethseda.
  • WolfClawsWolfClaws Arlington, VAPosts: 636Member Uncommon

    Sanya is awesome because she had the ability to actively engage with the community and communicate with us during DAOC days.  She re-defined that entire thing and invented community manager positions by accident from that.


    I daresay, Sanya is the Chuck Norris of community managers.

  • eyeswideopeneyeswideopen Fresno, CAPosts: 2,414Member

    I prefer Tiggs.

    -Letting Derek Smart work on your game is like letting Osama bin Laden work in the White House. Something will burn.-
    -And on the 8th day, man created God.-

  • RaxeonRaxeon cedar falls, IAPosts: 2,153Member Uncommon

    tiggs is cool to but sanya is awsome as well

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