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A Tale in the Desert IV: ATitD Review



  • jusparjuspar Williston, NDPosts: 10Member Uncommon

    I think hte review is a little unflattering. And it appears as if the reviwere never played more than a month of the game, there's significant lack of understanding of the ultimate goals or many of the broad game concepts.


    That said, this is a love it or hate it game.  Personally, I loved it, for about 7 months.  Then It started to be tedious for me.  After about 9 months I drifted away.  In three seperate tellings.  My personal issues were that everything around there seemed to slow down and become like trying to swim in molasses.  And I *hated* that I wasn't master of my own destiny when it came to passing tests (leveling).  Most tests are passed on a basis of the 'top 7 scores at X' rather than 'do X, Y times'.


    Cicecero, it doesn't compare to Ryzom at all but yes Visc, similar to Wurm.  Better graphics than Wurm, and beter concepts.


    I think eGennises could make a much more widely cherished version of this, without losing the integrity of the game.  Part of the issue is, as people have commented repeatedly, the lack of players in a community driven game.  The tedium creep, the test frustration, the price, and the complete lack of advertising all contribute to this.

  • kazhokazho Baudette, MNPosts: 50Member Common

    Originally posted by Ciccero

    Same game was released years back,same style of game, Ryzon :)

    Ok, Ciccero,  I have to chime in here now.  At least  Ryzom has a great community and I don't think it is anything like Ryzom..

    Now I don't want anyone to think I am picking on ATTD.  I did play it once way back in ATTD2, I really was enjoying the game, I like the things you have to do, get this and that to build this in order to make this.  It was really enjoyable.

    BUT which in my book makes or breaks a game is the COMMUNITY.  I never met such a bunch of rude and uncaring people in any game I played.  I got no help being a new person if I asked about something I was told to look for it.  I would have if I knew what I was suppose to do.   I was treated rudely and finally said, I don't need this and never returned.  I want to say that at the time I played there was Mentors, at least I thnk it was this game :).  But my mentor would not tell me the time of day if I asked.

    I like the game but only if you have a group of friends that join you cause trying to fit in with ones already there is impossible. If I can ever convince my friends to go with me I would try but as a solo no way.

  • randomtrandomt no thanks, BCPosts: 1,217Member Uncommon

    I've played this for a while in one of the previous tellings (and may try this Telling or the next one perhaps, as getting in early is the way to go, when everyone's still figuring everything out, etc) and I must say that if you love crafting, you have to try this game. Even if it's just the 24h trial, if they still have that.

    You see lots of people discuss the "best crafting game" around here fairly often, and names get thrown around, but all of those titles have basic computer driven crafting (hold the materials, click craft and wait for it to do it by itself).

    None of them come close to this.

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  • randomtrandomt no thanks, BCPosts: 1,217Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by kazho
    I like the game but only if you have a group of friends that join you cause trying to fit in with ones already there is impossible. If I can ever convince my friends to go with me I would try but as a solo no way.

    Both times I played this (I think it was tale2 and some trial time in tale3 to check out what changed) I mostly worked solo, and that was a blast, getting everything done on your own, building a great and unique looking compound, having new neighbors move next door to your awesome spot and then being almost a mentor to those new people, or having that guild that lives over the hill come by every now and then to offer a friendly word, a good deal, or just to say hello..

    Good times

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  • AstrinaAstrina Phoenix, AZPosts: 46Member Uncommon

    Good game. Well, it is for the first 6 months or so. I have played this game for all 4 tales and always end up becoming seriously bored or frustrated around the 6 month marker. The first 6 months are filled with active and lively players. All of them trying to be the first to accomplish something, or open a new technology. It's actually quite fun and busy.


    The game is due to restart in the coming months, so if you are looking to try something new and you love to grind crafting and competition between players (not in fighting, but in political arenas and crafting skills) then you most certainly should try this.


    As time passes, the activity level slows down and the competition mellows. Then you start really feeling the grind. The community is amazing...truly amazing. But the developer doesnt tend to listen to his players as much as he should. Each tale he makes new changes to the game play, which you would think...would be a refreshing change. But genenerally, it isnt. He changes things that people like into something they don't...and forgets to change the things that people scream about.


    Each tale lasts around 2 years, give or take. Then it's wiped and you get to start over. Which is actually something I appreciate...however, I was more often. Game play needs to be that first 6 month fast pace all the way through...THEN it would be a good game. Starting over gives everyone a chance to try the game with a new approach and for those that play games with micro-managing styles, you know how much fun it can be to rip it all down and rebuild.


    Solo works just fine as does being in a guild. Solo is harder, but you just need to be good at trading. This game has a slow pace, so you never have to rush unless you want to be the first to build a new tech (and figure out the puzzles that go with it).


    Overall, the game is worth playing. It's fun to watch your camp build up and grow. The game gives you a true feeling of ownership (you build every single thing you have) which is why griefing can be a serious issue. Laws are made by the players and players vote on the lawmakers (which are called demi-pharoahs). Sadly though, the demi-pharoahs have very little they can really do to help certain types of situations.


    I am still playing (though very little) the current tale. I won't be returning to the new Tale. I won't say it's a bad game, cause it isnt. I will say the Developer really needs to listen more and stop making changes that actually hurt game play. Give it a really is worth it for the first 6 months of a new tale.

  • ValencianWinValencianWin San Francisco, CAPosts: 8Member

    "Night Boat to Cairo"

    "It was founded in the year 969 A.D. making it 1,042 years old."

    Please correct Cairo to Memphis or Thebes, as there WAS no Cairo in Ancient Egypt. Otherwise, great review.

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