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Otherland: First Look Preview



  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon

    check they publish loong (loong3d in asia)and as you can see the version of gamiga and the version in asia are far appart.would be like us playing cataclysm and china playing burning cruisade.maybe it will be different this time and we ll get latest not the 2 year old content!

  • AnirethAnireth Posts: 834Member Uncommon

    The only setting that lends itself to an MMO more naturally then Otherland is probably .hack. And i loved the Otherland books. The Osten Ard ones, too, but Otherland was something different for it's unique mix.

    I only fear for it being unplayable on most computers. Unreal Engine 3 is not exactly high-perfomance, and with all that glitter and reflections and thousands of light sources that can take literally any form, so the shadows will be complex, too..well, maybe Epic managed to do something about it since i last played a Unreal Engine 3 game. But with Unreal Engine 4 on the horizon, i doubt they will do major changes. And Real U (dtp) is not exactly well known, so no idea if they have people that can work wonders.

    Also, Q3? Like others i doubt that. If they are really gonna make it, and it's not total crap, their biggest success would not be the game, even if it would make more money then WoW, it would be being able to develop 5-10 years without any leak. Some intelligence services would surely interested in being able to keep a secret like that secret.

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  • TerranahTerranah Stockton, CAPosts: 3,575Member Uncommon

    Sounds intriguing.  I'm down for giving it a shot once it is released.

  • Requiem6Requiem6 Saint-Hubert, QCPosts: 237Member

    Game looks good.

    But it's made by Gamigo, so will most likely be dissapoiting and not interesting at all.

  • UnlightUnlight Ottawa, ONPosts: 2,540Member

    Any word on cyber hookers yet?

    Seriously, it does look like it has potential.  Going to keep it on the radar.

  • mazutmazut SofiaPosts: 941Member Uncommon

    Action combat??? I cant see it. They dont move, at all :D


  • CarolynKohCarolynKoh Staff Writer Redmond, WAPosts: 202Member

    Tad Williams is closely involved in this endeavor. Real U did a huge media event in 2008 when they first started development. I was there for PC.IGN and was there, as was Ten Ton Hammer and a slew of other publications. Danged if I can find the article here on though!

    Tad runs his own website and posts on his forums - and is still super excited about the MMO.

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  • corpusccorpusc Chattanooga, TNPosts: 1,332Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by mazut

    Action combat??? I cant see it. They dont move, at all :D



    yeah.  hopefully thats just bad player recording & trailer making.  same thing with the recent Grimlands trailer.  almost all "action" scenes involved a gunman just standing still and firing at things......could have come from any old dice rolling game.  even some of TSW's videos do that.


    they claim they have a console action game background, and thats the type of combat they are going for, rather than the normal MMO combat.   we shall see.

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    i don't expect to like Darkfall, altho i may like it MORE than other MMOs. i know it is gonna have a very frustrating level of grind to it, even if its significantly less than most. waiting for a pure FAST action virtual world. dice rolling & character levels (even "skills") IN COMBAT should have never carried over from pencil & paper to a computer that can reasonably model 3D spaces and objects

  • NephaeriusNephaerius Posts: 1,671Member Uncommon

    Looks interesting.  Gamigo involvement makes things more questionable for me.  I've still yet to play a F2P title that launched as such and really gave me much enjoyment or longevity.  I certainly wouldn't be opposed to the idea though.  Here's hoping one's coming.

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  • sakersaker harrisburg, PAPosts: 1,095Member Uncommon

    Looking forward to this, high hopes! Something interesting and new! Hope they pull it off! Supposed to be out this very year!

  • EndDreamEndDream orange county, CAPosts: 1,152Member

    Looks amazing... but it looks like it might also be heavily instanced. We shall see... it has potential.. which as we all know is meaningless!

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  • majimaji ColognePosts: 2,063Member Uncommon

    I've read the Otherland novels several years ago and really enjoyed them. It's a good setting for an MMORPG. They can basically create there anything and have it still fit into the setting. I've been curious about the game since I heard about it a year or so ago.


    Will it be great? I'm not sure. The setting is good, but the fighting looks a bit generic. The "create anything" sounds good again. All in all though, all developers exaggerate about their games in development to the extreme. So we just have to wait.

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  • D_I_BD_I_B PiastPosts: 43Member

    Damn that is some fusion cooking out there, add sharks riding ponies and shooting lazers out of their mouth...

    I hate the design mashup, pirates vs ninjas? I'll stick to League of Legends if i want that!

    I want an immersive world either fantasy/realistic/sci-fi but with setting that would rule my mind! This cocktail of styles is absolutely anti-immersive :/


  • TuchakaTuchaka san diego, CAPosts: 468Member Uncommon

    could be interesting but frankly if this thing is mature rated like second life i won't play i don't need to hang out with pedophiles

  • ZooceZooce B, FLPosts: 586Member

    That video was edited amazingly well.

  • ReklawReklaw Am.Posts: 6,495Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Requiem6

    Game looks good.
    But it's made by Gamigo, so will most likely be dissapoiting and not interesting at all.


    Not made by but published by Gamigo and made/developed by Unreal U

    Really really looked intresting and certainly something to keep my eye on. For the rest only time will tell.

  • BereKinBereKin SplitPosts: 287Member

    The books ware great and just the world in which this tetralogy is set is so immersive and interesting. I really hope that  Gamigo and Real U will succeed in repeating the same feeling in this upcoming mmo. 

  • SaiGodJinSaiGodJin BucharestPosts: 22Member

    if there will be free to play many wont plpay it :/

  • pressedNutzpressedNutz Victoria, BCPosts: 36Member

    Mind blown,

    Can't wait for this.

    Haters gonna hate.

  • wesjrwesjr Gilbert, AZPosts: 429Member Uncommon

    Not sure if it is something I want to play or not but I really liked that music in the trailer from about 1m on   :)


  • itchmonitchmon west islip, NYPosts: 1,787Member Uncommon

    i'd have picked the shadowplay books for my tad williams books of choice to make into a game, either way i'm happy to see it.  he's a good author (in my top 4 or 5 fantasists) i do wish it were turbine or even NC or someone other than gamigo.


    to me the made-for-f2p games all really still feel third-rate, i think the books deserve more.

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  • LeodiousLeodious Abingdon, VAPosts: 773Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by itchmon
    i'd have picked the shadowplay books for my tad williams books of choice to make into a game, either way i'm happy to see it.  he's a good author (in my top 4 or 5 fantasists) i do wish it were turbine or even NC or someone other than gamigo. to me the made-for-f2p games all really still feel third-rate, i think the books deserve more.

    To me, that last is the real issue. I've never played a made-to-be free-to-play game that was any good at all.

    However, being that it was announced in 2008, and it will be released in the third quarter of this year, it will have been in development for around four years. That's not as long as some AAA games, but it isn't like they threw it together in a drunk weekend like some free-to-play games look like they were.

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  • TweFojuTweFoju Saitama & Jakarta ( current )Posts: 1,089Member Uncommon

    without sub!! yay, another item mall based game

    but i agree, i love the art so much, it's such colorful and alive

    for now, i love the art the most

    i have to wait for a bit to see how the actual gameplay is like


    but this one is definitely on my radar after GW2

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  • FadedbombFadedbomb Aiken, SCPosts: 2,081Member

    Originally posted by pressedNutz

    Mind blown,

    Can't wait for this.

    Haters gonna hate.


    And how exactly did your mind get blown?

    What exactly in this video made you go "Oh holy crap, what an amazing game!"?

    I'm genuinely asking if game trailers that detail only visual effects & graphics completely sell you on a product before actually learning anything about the game, mechanics, style of advancement, exploration, crafting, or how PVE & if any PVP is handled?

    There was nothing in this video that was impressive aside from their art-style. They detailed NOTHING other than their Art-Style. I'm wondering if all it takes is a pretty "First Reveal" trailer to get people to buy a product nowadays? It may explain the current state of the MMO market.



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  • o2jplo2jpl South Windsor, CTPosts: 32Member

    felt like i should have been rolling on extasy during that video


    game looks like common mmo [Mod Edit]

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