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First impressions



  • JupstoJupsto englandPosts: 2,087Member

    Originally posted by komobo

    From my limited time with the CB, my impression of Tera is that of a generic questing experience with combat mechanics offering a tad more engaging gameplay.

    However, one of my major gripes with the combat is the constant rooting of your character whenever a skill is activated. To me, it takes away the sense of dynamic gameplay from an otherwise innovative twist on standard MMO combat. Rooting your character in-place during the animation is fine for certain skills (high dmg/healing etc.) but not for every skill in your arsenal!

    With that said, Tera is not a terrible game and my impressions are based on a lvl 16 char's point of view, maybe my issues with the game are remedied at higher levels?

    very concise and I totally agree. the rooting never bothered me that much but your right game would be better without it.  did you notice there is only 1 move animation, forwards, you cannot sidestep or walk backwards, I think this is related since if your weren't rooted you could run backwards and shoot out of your backside.

    well I have leveled 20 to 23 doing the BAM quests only, and tera is bad at balancing difficulty but maybe will change as it is beta. basically 1-20 is all solo quests never ever challening. then 20 onwards seems to be mostly group quests for 5, now the mobs are WAY harder, they can basically 1 shot you if you don't dodge in time which is cool. however once you figure how to dodge at the right time, they still aren't that challening. They are just grindy since its thier massive hp pools which make them tuff even with 5 people.

    i've probably come across over negative in this thread but "generic questing experience with combat mechanics offering a tad more engaging gameplay." really sums it up. 

    and ultimately I think the game would be somewhat sucessful if not for guildwars 2 coming out soon offering much better for less money. tera might appeal more to hardcore pve grinders more tho.

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  • hotixhotix orlando, FLPosts: 129Member

    There in lies the question, will GW2 come out around the same time? I bought Tera betting on the fact that we won't see it until Q4. QUOTE me on this. 

  • KouDyKouDy LipovecPosts: 40Member Uncommon

    So this weekend as many i also spent some time in Tera...

    I must say i have mixed feelings about the game. On one side there is fresh air of innovated combat with no targets that actually works quite fine. On the other side there is everything else. There is nothing new. It is still the same theme park like everything else. Yes, all MMOs are like that, but then why should i bother level up new character in new game?

    Still i don't want to condemn Tera. I still see it as option to go for just because of the combat system. On realease it will be polished game already which is huge plus.

    As from technical point of view i am very impressed. I play from Malaysia on EU servers and there is mostly no lag or delay (not huge at least). That is very good...

  • sirachsirach , PAPosts: 53Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by hotix

    There in lies the question, will GW2 come out around the same time? I bought Tera betting on the fact that we won't see it until Q4. QUOTE me on this. 

    I'm quoting you on this. :D


    To the OP, I think you gave a fair opnion of why you didn't like the game, and you seem to have given it a fair chance. To that I say thanks. If I hadn't played the game myself, I would have found the points you pointed out useful. I don't agree with you and have purchased the game, but I can see where you are coming from. I'm new to this kind of combat, so I was thankful it was so easy at the begining. I am also one of those players who do NOT one a sandbox game, enjoy themeparks, etc. 

    For me the combat was enough, so far. I'm open to the fact that this can and most likely will change, eventually. I'm not one to stick with a game for years, I like change, which is why I'm so happy there was SWTOR, TERA, TSW and GW2 all coming out this year. I loved the SWTOR story too, but that got old eventually and I left.  

    I have a suspicion we will never get that feeling we got when we first started playing MMO's, and that game hopping will always take place, at least for me. 

    I'm looking forward to playing more TERA, and will play both GW2 and TSW .

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