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new 50v 50 siege video posted.

Bobbie203Bobbie203 bristol, NYPosts: 136Member


new video of current siege 50v50.

as you can see you can kill their houses and their pets, mounts, everything.

Basically pillage everything, bring down houses, supplies, their stables, kill their pets, mounts that si stored in stable.


  • DavirokDavirok OntoriaPosts: 75Member Uncommon

    Awesome video, loved the feeling it gave to get your home destroyed, gave me exactly the same feel as playing AoC sieges (when they were playable (if they were playable anytime)) .

    Even tho we still dont know how much time and resources it takes to build your castle up again, in AoC it takes really few time if all the guild works together like 1 afternoon.

  • CyclopsSlayerCyclopsSlayer Minneapolis, MNPosts: 532Member Uncommon

    That would depend on how far they go in the siege. Just punch a hole in the wall, probably not much to repair. Lost crops, sacked and looted houses, time and annoyance. If the land claim itself, the floating blue sword in some videos, is itself destroyed, others can claim the land and the original owner might be left with nothing.

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