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Runescape: Runescape Re-Review



  • AkechtaAkechta HamiltonPosts: 219Member

    Originally posted by Devour
    It's more than monotonous. And the fact it's actually handwaved in the review...
    Not to any real extent. When you're able to trade things that matter to a newbie to a newbie, they're often at the same level as you or better and don't need it.
    lol. "Another grandmaster quest and overhauled the loot for a minigame that was already there." Let's see how far apart the content updates for Runescape have been, and how much they have contributed:
    Game Updates Barbarian Assault Improvements 19-Jan-2010 - Very little added, really, some new WEAPON COLOURS to an old weapon. OMFGWTFBBQSOCOOL 
    This one I can agree with you on. Kind of. A lot of people actually enjoy looking good and the weapon-changing option was a good idea.

    Game Updates Nomad’s Requiem 11-Jan-2010 - Reward is crap, can't be bothered looking at the quest. Probably another "fetch this, kill high level mob, fetch that, do puzzle as planned out on".
    The reward is not actually crap, the blue and red prayer capes you receive give a very large boost to your prayer - would be very useful in PKing and the works if free trade and wildy was returned. And if you want more thrill out of the quest, GTFO any fansites that have all the answers and figure it out for yourself. Makes Runescape much more enjoyable if you don't copy your neighbours answers.
    Game Updates Kuradal's Dungeon 08-Dec-2009 - First off, a month between these two updates? Wow. Especially since this update is just a cavern with mobs that Jagex couldn't even be bothered to reskin put in.
    This 'cavern with mobs' has helped people all around the world train their slayer and progress a bit quicker in the game.

    Game Updates The Temple at Senntisten 03-Dec-2009 - Appears to be an awful quest.
    Appears to be an awful quest? Come on. How do you know what it would be like if you haven't even tried it? Don't judge a book by it's cover.

    Game Updates Potions, Spells and Runes 17-Nov-2009 - Over three weeks between this content update and the one above, looks like Jagex is making a habit of it. Enormously disappointing update, again. A few more potions, four extra spells and a few rune changes. YAWN.
    The extra potions are high-level content, which everyone has been waiting for. Also, they are untradable, so they remain exclusive to herblore-nuts only. The four extra spells are good combat attacks that people can use to train their magic for free at FoG. And the rune changes? A bit pointless in my honest opinion. Score one to you.
  • AkechtaAkechta HamiltonPosts: 219Member

    Originally posted by Sup3rnova

    Runescape Classic is not open at all they locked in back in 2004-2005 so that new characters couldnt be created which resulted in the downfall of the game.

    Runescape classic was crap. It was locked BECAUSE IT WAS REPLACED BY A BETTER VERSION OF THE GAME.

    And It has been unlocked for several weeks ON TWO OCCASIONS where people that created a classic account count always log in to classic even while the game was locked.

  • rathpunksrathpunks margatePosts: 1Member

    to be honest unless your a member it takes forever to get anywhere in this game, i find its so cram packed with botters there isnt much space for the others who actually play it, plus because of so many botters if your spotted with a group of them or someone hacks your account and bots with your account they perminatly baned you with no warning to change password as you may have been hacked, or to say saty away from there, they just plane permibanned you. and to make it worse there appeal offence system doesnt work as your left waiting months before you even get a reply. i get this knowlage from my own exsperiance of comming back on after a week off being told i was banned for macroing when iv never used one in my life as it makes the game boring


  • ScottXDScottXD SwanseaPosts: 1Member

    Bots are gone, it owns again.

  • Ninjasam17Ninjasam17 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 3Member

    Wildy is back!

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