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Tera EU beta [Giveaway]



  • tcyytctcytcyytctcy subangPosts: 4Member


    May i have a beta key please? 

    Thanks in advance !

  • baulchbaulch Georgia, GAPosts: 1Member

    Im going to be that guy and also beg for a key. It would make my week, thank you very much in advance.

  • RodgeVRodgeV StaffanstorpPosts: 35Member Uncommon

    Sending out keys.


    I never had the time yesterday. Sorry about that.

  • massatkmassatk NY, NYPosts: 1Member

    hello, i would like to try out Tera, lf game key if its possible , ty

  • Lupinde3rdLupinde3rd DublinPosts: 46Member

    I would also like to give Tera a shot before it launches, Key please :)

  • amazingzamazingz KievPosts: 2Member Uncommon

    Of the great random, give me the key for the game that I've been waiting for :)


  • tclinesmatclinesma Windsor, WIPosts: 10Member Uncommon


    If you still have any keys left may  I have one please!


    I will Thank you in advance if i end up getting a key

  • maib69maib69 cornwallPosts: 8Member

    Would love a key if theres any still floating about, abit late to the party.

  • timster788timster788 Bronx, NYPosts: 4Member

    I would love a beta key if there are any left

  • Lord_AthonLord_Athon Caldas da RainhaPosts: 165Member Uncommon

    Thanks RodgeV


  • maib69maib69 cornwallPosts: 8Member

    Thanks very much rodgev!


  • iAshiAsh WolverhamptonPosts: 6Member

    I would love a key to please if possiable :3!

  • NicknetNicknet mytilenePosts: 6Member

    Hi,Can i have a beta key for Eu Tera please.


  • MaitatronMaitatron Gotham city, FLPosts: 4Member Uncommon

    I would appreciate a key if you have any left

  • MakyyMakyy VrsacPosts: 1Member

    I would love a key if you still have.

  • DarkagesDarkages CAPosts: 80Member Uncommon

    May i have one of the Tera Online keys if you still have any.

  • EmoerteEmoerte EskilstunaPosts: 2Member Uncommon

    I would very much like a beta key :)

  • ShadoGearShadoGear CorbyPosts: 46Member

    Any keys left, still up for giving this a try

  • SpiritraiserSpiritraiser AthensPosts: 167Member Uncommon

    Thanks for key! :)

  • WagrumWagrum OakleighPosts: 56Member

    Can we use the same key as last weekend to enter the next CBT?

  • coldzero977coldzero977 cairoPosts: 3Member

    can i have a tera beta key please? ^^

  • klatuuklatuu nottsPosts: 4Member Uncommon

    any keys left for eu beta would love to give this game a look at

  • CorisanCorisan LisbonPosts: 4Member

    Hello RodgeV,


    I would love to get my hands on another EU beta key. Thanks in advance!

  • rakschasrakschas BerlinPosts: 1Member

    please let me in! it is cold out here

  • kamma2007kamma2007 genoaPosts: 5Member

    Yes thx need one



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