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WoW clone clear up

  Lots of people on here make valid complaints against this turning into a possible WoW clone and now is a great time to voice those concerns, rather than when beta comes out.  There's also a good deal of "blah blah blah, WH40k is nothing like WoW, WoW stole from Warhammer, derp derp derp" going around.  Speaking as someone who doesn't want a WoW clone I have to correct this confused opinion that's rampant among the fan bois. 

  Regardless of Warcraft and Starcraft being Warhammer and Warhammer 40k based games, World of Warcraft as a game is what it is regardless of the IP involved.  It's a medium.  As an MMORPG it has specific rules and limitations that determine how the game plays out.  WoW did a good job being WoW, but pretty much every other MMORPG after has tried to remake that specific type of MMORPG medium.  It doesn't work.  Those games always end up failing.  THAT is what we're talking about in regards to WoW clones. 

  IP aside, the game stripped of the colour and fluff and story elements is what has become stagnant.  If we wanted WoW we'd play WoW, it does it better than any of the wannabes.  Let's see a DAoC clone with a Warhammer 40k skin, hmm?  Wouldn't that work just fine?  I think it would be the next big success in MMOs.  Even if it just made the history books as an amazing tour de force during a bleak time in MMO history, it would still be as successful as any of the other failures littering the market.  Better to be loved and fail than to end up as something a drunk turd wouldn't kiss and still not make back the money you put into your expensive as fuck WoW clone.


  • UnicornicusUnicornicus San Francisco, CAPosts: 235Member

    somone didnt read before posting.

  • ArochekArochek Sidney, BCPosts: 2Member

    That's ok, you're forgiven.

  • TheodwulfTheodwulf Brockton, MAPosts: 303Member Uncommon

      Maybe it's me. What is so awefull about WoW? There are worse games to be a clone of. DAoC wasn't a huge game, it was never very popular, I never heard of it until it's heyday was long over. Maybe it was the greatest MMO ever  , I do not know.

    What do people hate about WoW? What made you quit or never try WoW? 

      For me it was all the changes and expansions and the obsoleted content, the nerf buff cycle ect. The same thing that got me to quit SWG. Just when I get comfortable , you change everything. Alot of these aspects were changed because they had to be..The law of unintended consequences..fix one thing to wreck another.. or adding things made everything go haywire because the original content was considered "The End" when it was designed.


      I would love to design a 40K game, when I heard of the problems about the production of the game I took out my old books and figures, i set about thinking on how I would present , Human, and Eldar and tyranids and began thinking about Orks when I relized that I would never get a chance to make a game,. I'd be lucky to see the game made, poorly, by the "experts".

      Sad , I guess I'll log into WoW , it's getting close to bedtime, WoW is better than warm milk at this point.

  • JorlJorl SunderlandPosts: 257Member Uncommon

    You'll find that 95% of MMOs are the same, kill this and kill that and the usual profressions. Sad but true.

  • StMichaelStMichael Fullerton, CAPosts: 183Member

    Different: 3rd person shooter, vehicle focus, action oriented gameplay, minimal UI and simplified abilities.

    The same: 2 factions.


    Must be a WoW clone. No other possible explanation.

  • AvathosAvathos Casselberry, FLPosts: 155Member Uncommon

    I agree with StMitchel,

    DMO has plenty of elements on which stands by his own.


    The biggest complaint I have heard of people is a MMO has orks, elf and other races they basically call it a WOW clone. If it has space marines is basically Space Craft clone.

    We have debated this over and over... the fact is that DMO brings the 3RD person shooting element to an MMO similar to Planetside. That combined with a typical MMO skill system makes DMO stand on his own; however, I will not be surprised that TITAN brings the same thing to the table.

    Blizzard is a  master mind when it comes to  perfecting other game developers ideas.

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