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LFGamer (r) Need Gaming partner

chademory20chademory20 Naples, FLPosts: 1Member

I need some friends. Seriously..   


I'm tired of the anti social mmorpg crowd, it used to be OK 5 years ago..


I'm looking to start a game, whatever it may be, with anyone who would like to team up and use TEAM WORK to do things.

Im looking for a friend who isn't afraid to exchange cell phone numbers, text eachother, and just play games whenever.


I am a semi-hardcore gamer, have a fiance, work, not an asshole, semi-trollish


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  • hyperionxlhyperionxl Clearwater, MNPosts: 4Member

    I like your style. What game we playin? lol

  • tindintindin fraser lake, BCPosts: 5Member

    as the other poster asked. what game you looking to play?

  • RollieJoeRollieJoe Raleigh, NCPosts: 451Member Uncommon

    Depending on the game I'm also down for this.

  • AdvancedTechAdvancedTech New York, NYPosts: 165Member Uncommon

    This sounds cool, I've been roaming solo since 2004 when I started WoW. What games are you looking at? I have the budget to play any B2P/P2P game at the moment and don't mind a good F2P game with a cash shop.

  • ExzyzExzyz LinkopingPosts: 70Member Uncommon

    I want to play with you. I just felt like starting playing World of tanks again. If your up for that it would be cool. But anything works for me except carebear  MMOs.

  • BromdellBromdell ecloke, AKPosts: 9Member

    I would love to see any or all of you join me and my guild on Aika Online. 

    I just started playing a few weeks ago and just made the guild this week. The guild has grown exponentially and we are a tight knit group who are all quite active. We need more dedicated players and can help out anyone interested.

    You can contact me in game on the server Feonir @ Bromdell

    The guild is named Phoenix Rising


    Take care and good luck!

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