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Tera EU beta [Giveaway]



  • SpelturaSpeltura ValenciaPosts: 1Member

    Hope I'm not late for this :P I also want a beta key hehehe

  • Reveur4robReveur4rob CoquimboPosts: 2Member

    Thanks a million Rodge!

  • SinguSingu Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1Member

    If is not too late, i want a key for Eu beta please, I would love to try the game.

  • ChromeBallzChromeBallz Posts: 334Member Uncommon

    Same here! Would love an EU beta key!

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  • mstrsrevatimstrsrevati St Petersburg, FLPosts: 100Member Uncommon

    Thank you for the TERA EU beta key!!! I can't wait to download it and get started in the world of Tera!

  • SeaStrikerSeaStriker VeronaPosts: 1Member

    I would love a beta key for tera online , hope the game is as good as it looks.

  • klatuuklatuu nottsPosts: 4Member Uncommon

    i would love a bete key as well to try  the game out

  • FlakfizerFlakfizer LondonPosts: 1Member

    I would appreciate a key if you have any left.

  • RodgeVRodgeV StaffanstorpPosts: 35Member Uncommon

    Another 20 or so keys has been sent out. I'll get back to this later.

  • dankan3ddankan3d kilkistanPosts: 2Member

    Thanks u very much for the key :) 

    U ARE THE MAN ! xD


  • CyrialCyrial calgary, ABPosts: 2Member

    If by chance you still have any keys laying around I would very much appreciate the chance to recieve one. If not though congratulations to all those who got theirs :)

  • avelavel AthensPosts: 2Member

    If you have an extra key for europe beta please pm me. Thank you in advance :)

    Devil Inside

  • appaappaappaappa UppsalaPosts: 3Member Uncommon

    Yes one for EU would be appreciated.


    thx a million


  • xenptxenpt V.N de FamalicPosts: 430Member

    if you would have a key for EU , i would be most pleased 


  • WatumonWatumon JoensuuPosts: 2Member

    Just wanted to thank you for the key. Cheers!

  • FeilongusFeilongus Yeaahhhh, CAPosts: 1Member

    If you still have some keys left to give I would be vey apreciated :)


    Peace and Thx anyway

  • TorgenTorgen MoenchengladbachPosts: 155Member Uncommon

    Thanks for the key! Just received it this morning (gmt+1)

  • Soul_beggerSoul_begger PortoPosts: 2Member

    Thx for the key !! :)  ... completly ... amazed

  • ShadoGearShadoGear CorbyPosts: 46Member

    I would like an EU key please, if you have any to spare that is?

  • HybridMystikHybridMystik BraganPosts: 2Member

    Registered to have a shot @ this :) 


    If you still have enough keys , I would make me very happy :)

  • LynfiordLynfiord New York, NYPosts: 16Member Uncommon

    Would love an EU key aswell if you still have one :)

  • MrTastMrTast VellingePosts: 1Member

    I would love to have a key for the EU beta, if you have any left. Thanks. :]

  • stormseekazstormseekaz STL, MOPosts: 168Member

    I think I am very late to the party here.  Do you have any keys left?  If so may I have one please?  Thanks.

  • tclinesmatclinesma Windsor, WIPosts: 11Member Uncommon

    Would appreciate a key if there are any left!



    Thank you!

  • meetxj9meetxj9 Kuala LumpurPosts: 133Member

    Thanks you very much Rodge, ill make sure to make full use of the key:)

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