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MMO Nice Change of Pace? League of Legends?

Spector88Spector88 Ashtabula, OHPosts: 112Member Uncommon

Hey all, I'm sure most of you have heard of League of Legends, I was just curious how many of you are playing it along side your other MMORPGs.

As a MMORPG fan, and not really into DOTA or having any experience with it I was shocked how fun League of Legends is, and now with the community blowing up the way it is the company is able to do so much stuff.

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  • KhaerosKhaeros Monroe, NYPosts: 452Member

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    Sad that it's only a warning for your first infraction.  I wish the staff would just perma you because you just posted this link three times AND you adbotted for a private server.

  • loradoveloradove Seattle, WAPosts: 61Member

    Locking thread.

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