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Good guide for new players.

HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

Metin Guide for New Players

Interested in Playing Metin2?

If you haven't already started your download, please do so:

First of all, why would you want to try Metin2? Like many other MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), Metin2 consists of warriors, assassins, hunters, mages and dark mages (Suras, in this game). So, what makes Metin2 unique? This game has a unique battle interface unlike any other. The fighting animation, i.e. swinging of the sword, actually hits all other monsters that are currently around you. If that doesn't please you, imagine countless quests, hundreds of monsters and skills, and a vast world to explore. This game is free to play, forever, and items may be purchased from the item mall in order to enhance your experience.

Getting Started

Get started with Metin2! Ensure you have the following system requirements

CPU 600 MHz 1.5 GHz Ram 128MB 512MB Graphic card ATI Radeon 7000 nVidia RIVA TNT2 ATI Radeon 8500 Geforce3 Ti If your system requirements are lower than minimum requirements, you can't run Metin2.

Not sure what this is about? On your desktop, right click your “My computer” icon, and some of the specs should show. As for the graphics card, I can’t really help you too much =)


Registering for an account should all be self-explanatory.

You can register for the game here:

Logging in

You can now choose a country of your choice. Milgaard, Listhmos, and Dendera. There are no differences between the three countries, in terms of the characters you use. What differs, however, is the community, and the terrain. You may want to browse around the forums, find a person you like, and join their nation. I’m in Listhmos, it's the smallest nation.

Now you get to choose a character. Metin2’s unique character system allows you to choose from several different classes; assassin, warrior, sura and mage.

These four classes are further separated at level 5, where you can choose a specific class, called “Forces”.

Warriors are separated into:

Arahan Force – A powerhouse class focusing on attack speed and damage. Their signature skills, heroic strike and whirlwind, deal massive damage to the enemy. An offensive type.

Partisan Force – A defensive heavy class, focusing on mainly high defense, rather than offense. Their signature skill, might, allows them to tank entire maps alone at early levels.

McMann’s guide to warriors is fairly helpful, though the path you want to take is up to you. ... &extra=page%3D1

Assassins are separated into:

Hunter Force (Bows) – Hunters deal deadly damage from far away. Note that the further you are from the monster, the less damage you deal. This class is heavily underplayed, but their presence is invaluable in pulling monsters. Late game hunters are known to be deadly in PVP.

Onedayhero’s guide to archers can be found here: ... &extra=page%3D1

Assassin Force (Daggers) – Assassins can use stealth and preach around the map. They also deal heavy damage, but are underplayed due to their low armour. Their signature skill, getaway, is difficult to use, but can score you HUGE damage.

McMann’s guide to assassins can be found here: ... &extra=page%3D1

Additionally, The88thcrazy has a nice distribution of stat points here: ... &extra=page%3D1

Suras are divided into:

Black Magic Suras – Are known to be one of the most deadly PVP classes. Ritual of Doom and Dark Fire are painful skills.

Deviant’s guide to Black Magic Suras - ... &extra=page%3D1

Mirage Sura – Dark Twister and Aura of Sword are important skills used by Suras.

Gilmon's guide to Mirage Suras - ... &extra=page%3D1

Mages can become:

Lightning Force Mages – Rely on the forces of nature to heal and deal damage.

A healer mage guide by theanswer07 can be found here: ... &extra=page%3D1

Dragon Force: - Relies on the mighty powers of the dragon to do area of effect damage.

There is currently no guide for Dragon force mages, although at high levels, they are supposedly very strong.

Stat points

What does each stat point do?

Con –  Increases health points, HP regeneration and AC (defense)

Dex – Increases DR (Damage reduced) slightly, increases Damage silghtly

Str –  Increases damage dealt

Int – Increases mana pool, MP regeneration, Magic Attack and Magic Resistance

Metins, or the big glowing rocks

If you happen to come across a big glowing rock, while exploring the world of Metin2, these rocks are what we call METINS. These rocks will randomly spawn monsters of a similar level as you hit them, and sometimes drop rare items =). It is believed that when someone is hitting a metin, you should ask before hitting it. The decision is in your hands, and your reputation may be on the line.

Opening a Shop

You can open a shop by purchasing the white bag (forgot the exact name, a "package" I think?) at your local trade vendor. After entering a shop name and putting all your items in, remember to hit OKAY, to open your shop.

Spirit Stones

So you found a spirit stone, now what? Spirit stones are special rocks that you can put inside your armour or weapon (with a 30% success rate) that enhance your weapon or armours capabilities. Simply drag the stone onto an unequipped piece of armour or weapon to add the stone. More information can be found here: ... &extra=page%3D1

Skill Books After reaching 17 – 20 points in a certain skill. You can consider that skill as being MASTERED (your skill will be M1). You can use a skill book with 30% success rate, to further increase your skill from M1->M2

More information about skill books can be found here: ... &extra=page%3D1

Upgrading Items

The blacksmith is where you upgrade items. There is no definite rate in which the blacksmith upgrades your items. Just remember that your armour or weapon has a chance of breaking at EVERY LEVEL. Drag your unequipped piece of weapon or armour onto the blacksmith to upgrade your weapon. The blacksmith requires items to upgrade your armour or weapon sometimes. These items are called “upgrading materials” and are thigns such as piece of gems, bear galls, bear gall + , etc etc. Upgrading an item to +8 or +9 often adds a shining, sparkly tone to your weapon or armour.

Joining a Guild

Joining a guild provides a more enjoyable playing experience. To create a guild, speak to the guard in your local town. To join a guild, someone from a guild with recruiting powers can invite you. However, do not expect to be invited into a guild right away. Like in most MMO's, a lot of guilds have level requirements. If there are no level requirements, you probably just need to be a friendly, helpful player. This means NO "stealing" people's metin kills. That is, if someone is attacking already whacking a metin, ask if they need help, or just walk by and find another metin. An advantage of joining a guild are that you have players and friends that can help you out. Another advantage is that a guild party can grant you bonus experience.


  • K.o.v.eK.o.v.e Edmonton, ABPosts: 227Member

    Nice job


  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

     I took it from the metin forum and edited a bit. But i think it's nice that this guide is here if someone wants to start with metin2 

    Omg, metin2 need to be rated much higher than this.

  • Turtle1120Turtle1120 Cary, NCPosts: 21Member

    Metin 2 should be rated at a 9.6...

    Maybe the User Rating is much lower than it should be because not much people who actually play the game come to to rate this Metin 2. Most people prefer the Official Forums to this one. I remember a while back that a player posted a link in the Official Forums to, telling them to review Metin 2. The user rating on this site since then increased alot. But ever since that thread has died out, not much people have been coming to Metin 2 on to increase the User Rating :(


  • AthanJeedAthanJeed Toms River, NJPosts: 4Member

    heh wow well reading all this make me wanna play bad XD

  • mike470mike470 General Correspondent -unknown-Posts: 2,396Member

    Say, this game free?


    In memory of Laura "Taera" Genender. Passed away on Aug/13/08 - Rest In Peace; you will not be forgotten

  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

    Yes the game is free, but you can also buy some stuff on the item mall


    "This game is free to play (forever), and items may be purchased from the item mall in order to enhance your experience. "

  • ricma985ricma985 BelgradePosts: 84Member

    Can someone tell me which is the best (or just good :)) build for an assassin?

  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

     You can choose a build by yourselve

    1st build is 2:1 DEX:STR .. ( Pve build )

    The Good : this build is the typical build of Assassins and is used by most of them , It deals high amount of damage and supports you with good evasion .

    The Bad :cann't tank more than 2 groups , very low hp , won't survive in nation and guild wars .

    2nd build is 2:1 DEX:CON .. ( Pvp and Pve )

    The Good : this build is IMHO the best for Dagger Assassins and with a good upgraded weapon u will beable to deal decent damage , also you will have better defense and decent hp .

    The Bad : at 1st with no upgraded weapon u may feel ur damage is abit crappy but believe me , its going to pay u back later on .

    3rd build is 2:1 STR:CON .. ( Pvp and Pve .. killer in pvp if played right )

    The Good : very good damage , enough hp to keep you alife in pvp and lvling .

    The Bad : Dex effects evasion and evasion effects your defense , but you don't have any , which means low defense .

    4th build is Full DEX then 2:1 CON:STR ( party and lurer Build )

    The Good : u will have lots of evasion ( which effects your defense ) and decent damage .

    The Bad : till you start adding Con your hp will be crap ,  low damage at lower lvls .

    5th build is Full STR then 2:1 CON: DEX .. ( killer build )

    The Good : u will kick everything's butt , deadly in pve and pvp .

    The Bad : untill you start adding Con and Dex your hp/defense/evasion will suk , pots junky , money waster ( pots ) , don't tank no more than 2 groups of mobs or you will be screwed!!

    >> I used 2:1 STR:CON, and i like it :D but you need to pot much because you haven't got much defense.

  • JoshFTWJoshFTW melbournePosts: 1Member

    Please help.I keep getting this please login thing whenever trying too view a page on this site,i tried too view the warrior guide but if i try too cancel it it just gives me this web error code.If i try too login,it just shows up again.Il'd be really glad if you posted the warrior guide or a fixed link/solution too this (only the thread and other pages are working.i seriously dont know why the link doesnt work.i tried google link still no work.neither does using ie or firefox.)crap.Please help!!

  • Myron41Myron41 WrexhamPosts: 23Member

    Good post.  I would say that if you are going to give the game a go, register with the US server. 

    I played on the UK server and got hacked off with the whole thing and left.  It was not the games fault,   the game is good fun.  It was more due to the company running it and the people playing.

    For example;

    The UK server has no updates except to the mall. 

    It is plagued by griefers and spammers.   In short the community sucks big time. 

    It would appear from this post that the UK server also has lower success rates when it come to upgrading as I have lost count of the number of skill books and weapons that I have lost through attempted upgrades.

    The ingame economy is totaly screwed.

    The character pvp/pvm balance is so cacked that everyone goes either Warrior or BM Sura which means skill books are as rare as rocking horse poo or cost so much it would take until hell froze over to get the yang.

    Events......  what events....?  They are so few it is difficult remembering any.

    It seems that the UK server is last in everything other than the number of A'holes playing it.


  • stefmballstefmball BucharestPosts: 7Member Uncommon

      I could use some help pls. When I try to acces Metin's home page it says "In Construction". IS it really in construction or it is only for us or what?

  • adasonadason PraguePosts: 1Member

    Hey guys

    can you please poste here some good links for Sura black magic? or tell me what is the best? ... i prefer pvp but pve is important too....



  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

    Each lvl you gain 3 stat points, put 2int:1vit !

    For skills, see what you like   (dunno much about it)

  • OscarFrodoOscarFrodo Orrington, MEPosts: 1Member

    hey i have tried a lot of classes and i found that i like an arahan warrior. the best way to make one is to put all of your points on con until that gets to 50. then put 50 on str. then max out con and then max str. then max out dex, then last int. as for skills, you will want to put one on frenzy, one on whirlwind, and one on heroic strike. then max out heroic strike, then max out whirlwind. that is a good way to make a warrior.

  • SznekySzneky BrusselsPosts: 2Member

    Events, and guides for new players.

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