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What are your favorite sports teams?

77lolmac7777lolmac77 Herp Derp, PAPosts: 496Member Uncommon
Just curious for any sports fans out there what teams you root for. Mine would be (in order of how much I watch them)

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles (NFC), Oakland Raiders (AFC)

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers, Portland Trailblazers

English Soccer: Nottingham Forest


  • AelfinnAelfinn Roundabouts that cold chill moving up your spine, NCPosts: 3,857Member

    I don't follow sports all that much. For the most part I would either much prefer to be playing myself rather than simply observing, or don't care about it at all.

    I have however always had a soft spot for the Notre Dame "Fighting Irish", partly because I grew up within walking distance of that college, partly because my father was once a lineman on the team.

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  • masa123masa123 VilniusPosts: 14Member

    im a fan of soccer and im a big fan of  Arsenal

    also i like teams like Real Madrid,Manchester United, Chelsy,Bayern,Inter and i hate Barcelona i like how neapol plays in champions league :]

    And ofc im a fan of the national Lithuania Basketball team:]

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  • modjoe86modjoe86 Fayetteville, ARPosts: 4,082Member Uncommon

    Arkansas Razorback footbal, Razorback basketball, SEC football, SEC baseball, SEC basketball. Then the NFL comes in at a distant second with the Falcons and 49ers. Then NBA comes at an even more distant third with the Atlanta Hawks. Then MLB and Soccer are tied for a very distant last with the Cardinals and Chelsea.

    But honestly outside of college sports and the NFL I couldn't even tell you much of anyting about the goings on in the other sports, Honestly, my hate for the Lakers and Yankees ouweighs my love of any major league team.

    The NBA is a shit sportto begin with, full of lazy pieces of shit for the most part. I can respect the NFL and MLB players for giving a damn.

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