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Power Supply: burning smell & sparking inside.



  • just2duhjust2duh City, NSPosts: 1,290Member

     Well for the parts mentioned i'd be looking at about $20-30.

     It'd be worth it for that much, but only if they fit/work. That's what i'm concerned about at this point, if they don't then yeah I won't be putting any money into it either.

    EDIT: found a little prog called  CPU-Z, it tells you everything about what is in your PC, what it's running at, etc. Those parts look to be the type it uses. May even be able to do some overclocking (if I bother figuring it out lol).

     As far as gaming on it is concerned I probably play old games the most anyways, actually a lot of which I originally played when this rig was brand new (and had it's original GFX card..) haha. 

     20-30 bucks to play most of them again seems alright to me, better than being stuck with nothing for a few months.

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