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LF something decent, lacking end

FoxkounFoxkoun St. Charles, MOPosts: 96Member

right now I am playing STO, it has been interesting up to the point where i've hit cap and notice a subtle barrage of repetition. Is there an mmorpg that doesn't penalize for not rushing? I played FF11, and remember frustration with keeping up with people in the linkshell. Guild wars I enjoyed, still do occassionally(graphics). It feels like there's a lack of originality to mmo's as I look over the listings. I've almost considered Hunter blade, but the game practically screams out "rip off" which for all intents it is(compare it to Monster Hunter and you'll see where the luster is.) this point I'm looking for something fresh, or something to help relieve time til GW2 of PSO2 comes out. Unfortunately for me I've noticed I tend to be the last to hear about anything interesting.


  • MeltdownMeltdown Home, NHPosts: 1,179Member Uncommon

    Well the only game I've played that really has no "rush" to speak of is probably EVE Online, just because you CAN'T rush. Other than that erm... MMORPGs in general are all about time-based progression, so expanding your search for games outside of the MMORPG space might be ideal for the short-term. For example if you really like PvP try League of Legends.

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  • FoxkounFoxkoun St. Charles, MOPosts: 96Member

    I tend to avoid pvp, most cases when I did try it I was wasted by some kid with a creditcard and a boner for the cash shop. difficult to really find anything satisfying.

  • FoxkounFoxkoun St. Charles, MOPosts: 96Member

    Ok after some thinking to trim down what I'm looking for..

    Swords, I prefer melee combat over shooters(I enjoy borderlands, but no to gunning in an mmo)

    Magic, optional. I'd rather not have to lean on magic, if I team with a magicd user thats one thing as long as it's not required.

    Required blah. No, I enjoy freedom of choice, so no to being required to do stuff unless I feel inclined to do it.

    Graphics... I'm a tad tired of games that substantiate on complex combat and such, yet appeal visually to the anime obsessed. that said, if characters look like super-happy-friends then no, just no.

    Crafting, trading, building structures is ok, as long as it's not mandatory and it's not a p.i.t.a. to catch onto.

    Setting. I can do with most types, variety is a good thing. No to brightly colored places.


    all that said..there's probably stuff I haven't thought on yet. Couldnt they update the game list to for detailed listing?

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