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AC dont run on my computer

jinterjinter -Posts: 5Member Uncommon

I am a great fan since 1999. I tried to come back but AC wont run on my computer. 


  • DrunkWolfDrunkWolf Posts: 1,274Member Uncommon

    are you sure its your computer and not your router? i know there was a problem people had with routers not working with AC.

  • OpinicusOpinicus Posts: 32Member Uncommon

    Did you install it in "program files"? I think there's a problem with Win7/Vista that doesn't let you save files there. So you can't update the game.

  • OdyssesOdysses Anacortes, WAPosts: 581Member

    yeah i think specifically its supposed to be installed in C:games under vista/win7 but they have it documented on their forums.

  • ElapsedElapsed Posts: 2,325Member Uncommon

    Are you trying to install from the CD? That won't work. You need to download the client from the website at

    You also need to run the game as the administrator for it to update.

  • Einherjar_LCEinherjar_LC MelfiPosts: 1,055Member Uncommon

    Not that I think the OP is coming back to this thread, but if you do, we need a bit more info to help you if you still need it.


    Specifically OS, your network setup(i.e. directly through modem, router, etc), and what exactly it is that's not working(i.e. game won't install at all, game will install but won't update, black screen when you log into game, etc.).

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