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So is anyone looking for a beta code.



  • PygozPygoz BergentheimMember Posts: 20 Uncommon
  • DeathofsageDeathofsage Winston, PAMember Posts: 1,102 Uncommon

    Memememe please :)

    Spec'ing properly is a gateway drug.
    12 Million People have been meter spammed in heroics.

  • ShazkneeShazknee IshøjMember Posts: 81

    Give please :)

  • SintrixSintrix Anchorage, AKMember Posts: 52 Uncommon
    A TERA beta key would definitely brighten up my day :)
  • jeeshadowjeeshadow Garland, TXMember Posts: 85 Uncommon

    add me plse

  • FeudalismFeudalism Toronto, ONMember Posts: 67

    If it's for the North American version, count me in! :)

  • uglee13uglee13 Clarksville, TNMember Posts: 4

    I'm in for a chance at beta.

  • KuppaKuppa Boulder, COMember Posts: 3,292 Uncommon

    count me in!



  • DeathofsageDeathofsage Winston, PAMember Posts: 1,102 Uncommon

    Can I inquire how you got a spare key? Does it come with the CE or something?

    Spec'ing properly is a gateway drug.
    12 Million People have been meter spammed in heroics.

  • corpusccorpusc Chattanooga, TNMember Posts: 1,331 Uncommon

    please enter me.


    i'd love to try it.   as you can see from my sig i've been waiting to play action virtual worlds since 1999!


    thank god some are finally arriving.

    hope this is alot better than DCUO.  <----  while it seemed pretty cool and different at first, it ended up rapidly feeling not much different' than your typical dice rolling rpg.  not skill based enough.



    The End
    i don't expect to like Darkfall, altho i may like it MORE than other MMOs. i know it is gonna have a very frustrating level of grind to it, even if its significantly less than most. waiting for a pure FAST action virtual world. dice rolling & character levels (even "skills") IN COMBAT should have never carried over from pencil & paper to a computer that can reasonably model 3D spaces and objects

  • cuongcubucuongcubu new orelans, LAMember Posts: 6

    would like to try as well thanks!

  • rexzshadowrexzshadow stockton, CAMember Posts: 1,428

    that nice of you ^_^ btw anyone know how the stars under our name work?

  • Sint-NiklaasMember Posts: 828 Uncommon

    I'm already on EU tests so I guess it wouln't be fair to count me in.

    I would have bought a mini preorder if there was one in NA.


    If you still want to count me in even though I'm already in EU CB, please do! ;-)

  • sonicbrewsonicbrew Fredericksburg, VAMember Posts: 514 Uncommon

    I would very much like an opportunity to get into this beta. I am hoping that Tera will restore my hope in the whole messof a genre we call MMORPG. Its either this or GW2 for me otherwise I am done with MMO's all together. Thanks for running a giveaway.

    “Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.” ~ Italian proverb   


  • Sector13Sector13 PA, USAMember Posts: 735 Uncommon

    You people know that alls you have to do is preorder the game to get in, right? Not like it's hard to get in the beta.

  • BadSpockBadSpock Somewhere, MIMember Posts: 7,974

    I'd try it.

  • marcuslmmarcuslm Louisville, KYMember Posts: 263 Uncommon

    I would love to give the game a shot.

  • mrvader010mrvader010 mobile, ALMember Posts: 34 Uncommon

    Add me to that list :)

  • razrbldrazrbld Lake Worth, FLMember Posts: 4 Uncommon

    I would like a key please. :)

  • st4t1ckst4t1ck jonesboro, GAMember Posts: 751 Uncommon

    FYI  if your in NA you can place a 5$ (five dollars) pre order at gamestop and get a code good for all the beta's

  • LocklainLocklain Crandon, WIMember Posts: 2,154

    I would like to give the game a go as well! =)

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  • A1D3NA1D3N Elgin, ScotlandMember Posts: 252 Uncommon

    ooo yes pls

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    Black Desert Online

    and its hit the pvp spot!!!!

  • JimmydeanJimmydean Ypsilanti, MIMember Posts: 1,270

    I would love a chance to give this game a try. The combat looks amazing.

  • Sint-NiklaasMember Posts: 828 Uncommon

    Originally posted by st4t1ck

    FYI  if your in NA you can place a 5$ (five dollars) pre order at gamestop and get a code good for all the beta's

    hmmm can't find the 5$ preorder.

    Can you please post a direct link?


    All I can find is THIS

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