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Keep away from NFEU

dapprmandapprman WatfordPosts: 20Member

I never thought I'd be writing a post like this, but I must warn anyone thinking of joining the European servers to either head over to the US ones (NFNA) or skip the game entirely.

While many of the moderators do a reasonable or good job, the actual games masters them selves are out of control, and as they effectively run the company there's no one to keep them in check.  These people have made the game very personal, have targetted certain fleets and are inconsistent with their bans.  One such ban was only removed when the GM in question was threatened with legal action for what he had done.

Long term players are now leaving to either stop playing the game or to start/restart on NFNA at an ever increasing rate, but alas, unless the more apathetic players (whom have contributed little to the game except euros) start to move nothing will change, as we feel only a drop in revenues may cause the situation to change.

I feel most sorry for the mods [mod edit] as they are the ones who tend to be unfairly targetted as a result of the issues, despite the fact they have no real control in those areas.  There are, however, also mods who really should not be allows to carry on, but are being protected by the GMs.

And for the GMs of FNEU, this forum is totally independant to your game.  You can NOT take anything I have written here as an excuse to do anything to my account.

Active : World of Tanks Beta, Navyfield (NFEU despite GM bias)
Past : WoW, DAoC, CoH, Eve, Voyage of Century, Warhammer Beta, Planetarion, various MUDs (during the 80s)



  • LynxJSALynxJSA Sarasota, FLPosts: 3,154Member Uncommon

    It would probably help you more effectively spread your message if you linked to forums posts or other places where thereis more information on this issue.

  • dapprmandapprman WatfordPosts: 20Member

    No one dares say anything like this on the official NFEU forums are the threads are locked and deleted very quickly and people are receiving forum bans for them.  People are also not willing to post on their own fleet forums in public areas as the GMs are also using these for excuses to ban (which in many countries is illegal - as one GM has already found out).

    Active : World of Tanks Beta, Navyfield (NFEU despite GM bias)
    Past : WoW, DAoC, CoH, Eve, Voyage of Century, Warhammer Beta, Planetarion, various MUDs (during the 80s)

  • SimperFiSimperFi Notyourbusiness, OHPosts: 108Member

    Reminds me of Voyage Century. Except in there people were getting hurt in real life. Hope you manage to save plenty of people from This game. It sounds pretty bad.

  • AdamaiAdamai derbyPosts: 476Member Uncommon

    ok dont go makeing any rash decisions about jumping ship just yet, im from the nfna servers. and they too are just as bad at managing their player base as nfeu. they are so bad infact tat they ahve just relaeased ahckshield onto peoples computers without any advance warnings or information about it.


    alot of the nfna population are trying to get transfers to nfeu lol as nfna are not keeping players informed and have made the game unplayable for a vast majority of their servers population and thats not to mention the invasion of privacy they have embarked on with this hackshield intrusions against players knowing and wishes..


    alot of players that use their computers for personal finances are very concerend and thats pretty much every one. hackshield watches everything that goes on and is left running even while navyfield isnt.


    i too will be requesting a transfer to nfeu servers aswell. i already ahve nfeu account but my nfna account is far mroe advanced and has a lot of cash invested into it.


    so no dont go to nfna as of yet. its not looking good there either.

  • cagancagan new jersey, NJPosts: 341Member Uncommon

    I was just checking my HDD and realized I still have this POS installed. I logged back in after 2 years to see that things are even worse now. Good thing I never chose to continue this game. It's just the same map, 2 teams, go kill each other, and battleships 1-2 shot every other ship in the game. Not to mention you can buy awesome ships from the cash shop. Community is mostly composed of 12 year old brazilian and mexican kids, most of the chat is in spanish (for NA servers)

    Oh well, just finished uninstalling, back to skyrim...

  • BelgarBelgar LondonPosts: 48Member Uncommon

    Roll on World of Battleships then. I guess this is what NFEU/NFNA are worried about.

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