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Free Realms: The 2011 Re-Review



  • jarriharakkajarriharakka boo, ALPosts: 11Member

    Originally posted by Mastaccolli

    Why oh why do Professional writers use the word "an" in front of "MMO"?  "An" is used in front of a word that begins with a vowel, last I checked, "m" was not a vowel, (I even checked with Vanna White, she does not sell m's). 


    an MMO

    an heir

    an honour

    a year

    a unicorn

    pronounciation wins.

  • SafraSafra Riverside, CAPosts: 47Member Uncommon

    The review on this would be above a 5.0 (so-so) if it bothered to mention the Cash Shop and the fact that some of the jobs (professions) are unable to be advanced without Cash Shop purchases.


    That is the reason I quit playing Free Realms. There should not be a subscription, or at least it should be very low, for example $1 a month since players wanting to play certain jobs MUST upgrade to advance thru the Cash Shop.


    The above is what I remember, oh yes, gifting other people what they need from the Cash Shop is missing from Free Realms as well.


    Greedy, but then it's Sony. No real surprise on the greed there, eh?

  • Daffid011Daffid011 Posts: 7,945Member Uncommon

    Free Realms is nothing more than a few popular web/console games bolted onto the skeleton of an mmo the size of a postage stamp.  It tries to be a real mmo and at the same time force players to play minigames from other popular titles that do not feel connected to the mmo side of the game.  It tries to do so many different things that it ends up a confusing mess that doesn't really do anything well. 

    The game engine is pretty slick though, but the design of the game seems like nothing more than trying to cram a bunch of popular concepts from other games and trying to figure out ways to force people to pay for it.  It just didn't work. 

  • ChrisDSChrisDS Edmonton, ABPosts: 4Member

    It's really good if you want to be more casual... if you want to play hardcore then there are other MMOGs for you... I love Free Realms casue I only need 30mins to 1 hour to get some gaming in. 

  • ChilliesauceChilliesauce MelbournePosts: 559Member


    image Childish to adults

    image Duel-only PvP

    image Little challenge

    image Repetitive 


    A game which focuses on kids is childish to adults? that is one the of CON of Free Realms? okie. Also i still have to play a MMO which is not repetitive.

    *rolls eyes*


  • VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by BillMurphy

    But we do clearly state that it's from an adult's value perspective. Hence Lori's score. Now you may still believe that it's worth more from that POV, but Lori does not.



    It is ridiculous though the review this from an adults perspective... it should be reviewed from the perspective of it's design and intention.

    It's like giving a PvP game a low score because you reviewed it from a PvE perspective.

    Not attacking the reviewer personally, but the fact that some adults play it doesen't mean that it should be reviewed as an adult game.

    If she felt that it was an 7.5-8 for chlldren then that should of been the listed score.

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