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General: Four Worlds Ripe for MMO Treatment



  • KeoghKeogh Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1,099Member

    I feel it would be worthwhile for SBFord (the OP and staffer) to do a follow up article once this thread runs its course.

    I suggest SBFord create a poll to measure the popularity of the diffrent properties mentioned in this thread. Then research a few of the more popular ideas along with some of the more unusual ones and describe those properties and what a game based on them might look like.


    "Don't corpse-camp that idea. Its never gonna rez"
    Bladezz (The Guild)

  • haplo602haplo602 Posts: 224Member Uncommon

    OMG Discworld. YES PLEASE.


    You don't have to run with the jokes. Make a DARK alternate Discworld with the Guilds, Mages, Patrician, The Watch, Counterweight continent etc.


    There are classes, backstories, world PvP, world PvE and all that jazz in Discworld. Leave it to the players to run the jokes.


    Actualy the Discworld is a dark and lonely place. If you cannot see past the jokes, it's not for you ... Hell I want a Discworld MMO ...

  • haplo602haplo602 Posts: 224Member Uncommon

    To the nay-sayers, it's not the IP but the developer/publisher that make bad MMOs. If you want quick money, no IP is going to save the game. If you want a great game, ANY IP will do.

  • VargurVargur OsloPosts: 143Member Common

    Dragonlance: Already mentioned, but fighting in the War of the Lance would be awesome. Probably the only fantasy setting that might entice me.

    Mechwarrior/Battletech: I was a huge fan of the storyline up until the clans returned. The old mechs had a sense of character then clan-mechs lacked. Five-sided PvP on multiple fronts could work, though it might be hard to populate some of the houses.

    Cyberpunk: Despite being a class-based game, this setting have plenty of potential.

  • casskhawcasskhaw Richmond HillsPosts: 19Member

    @Keogh I'll let Suzie know. However, she wasn't the original poster. I am. ;) It might, however, be entertaining to do two follow-up pieces on this. :) 

    @Shadowrun suggestions I could be wrong but I believe there IS a Shadowrun MMO in the works. However, it's very much an indie project.

    @TheNiteWolf One and half. Depending on the Block you're playing, elves may or may not exist. :P But as per the No Elves Manifesto, I'm willing to make exceptions for things that are, well, not Legolas clones. Discworld elves are creepy, inhuman and somewhat kick-ass in their casual cruelty and odd tricks. I could run with those. Seriously. (Someone make us all a Discworld MMO already.)

    @Dayworld MMO ... I need to read that.

  • HavranHavran KosicePosts: 3Member

    I would say Bas-Lag world from Perdido Street station Sar and Iron Council. So many options are laying in that world.

  • DredphyreDredphyre Los Angeles, CAPosts: 601Member

    Originally posted by 77lolmac77

    Ive said this before and still believe a Narnia MMO would be sweet if done right.


    Any IP would be awesome if done right. But that's the crux of the problem, isn't it? Being done right.

  • SkuzSkuz WorcesterPosts: 1,015Member Uncommon

    This topic seems to pop-up on a frequent basis & everyone chimes in on their favourites, perfectly harmless bit of fun in my opinion, long may it continue.




    Wild-West (Sandbox-ish, certain elements would be NPC-driven , such as railroad companies, mail-wagons providing a "backbone" that can be added to by players, a certain amount of quest play along these backbones but outposts & towns would be built, run & staffed by players, with businesses able to "hire" other players or npc's to work for them).

    Blade-runner (set in that scenario at least) or perhaps Mega-City One (Judge Dredd turf).

  • jehkahn12jehkahn12 Tampa, FLPosts: 14Member Uncommon
    Robotech. You have 3 generations of mecha to use and better yet... no elves. Done and done.
  • onedge247onedge247 college station, TXPosts: 1Member

    Raymond E Feist's Riftwar Saga, plenty of worlds, evil factions, good factions, tons of races.  I know single player games have been made, but an MMO would fit it best

    Dune would be amazing if done right

    John Ringo's  There Will Be Dragons Series-extremely limited high technology mixed with hack and slash warfare. 


  • finnmacool1finnmacool1 Corona, CAPosts: 453Member

    Im not really a big fan of "franchises" and none you listed appeal to me. MtG would be cool but i cant see any way to do it without it being a single player game you play with other people.

    If i was going "franchise" i would go:

    1.wasteland / fallout

    2.D&D(yes i know there is one but i want a good D&D and with 2nd edition rules)

    3.Privateer / traveller

    4.Gamma World

  • AlminieAlminie Silent hill, NYPosts: 109Member Uncommon

    1: Silent Hill

  • HuwtroskyHuwtrosky NotsayingPosts: 9Member

    Mine would be Mortal Engines. Having read the first three books (long, long ago) I fell in love with the idea of cities on wheels moving across a barren landscape. I think the concept of moving cities would be a pull point as it could create an ever changing map and landscape. The big downside would be the landscape since many areas are now just muddy plains because of the cities moving around so much.


  • XeseXese Hershey, PAPosts: 39Member

    Underworld Movie Series:

    • Three faction open world pvp: humans vs lycans vs vampires (especially since the awakening movie)

    • Fourth alignable faction: lycan/vampire hybrids that function more like Death Knights in WoW

    • Some lore based on okay movies, open for a lot of development

    • No current popular vampire MMOs out right now :(
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