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SO MANY GREAT REVIEWS! so why is this game at the bottom of the list?

MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,563Member Uncommon

look at all these top reviews for Warhammer online

But why the game is such a major disapointment with so many reviews like this?



  • KoLdBieRKoLdBieR Parris Island, SCPosts: 4Member

    You know, I actually really enjoyed the game. The only reason I quit playing was how unpopulated the game was after about 6 months or so. If more people were to get interested and get back to it, I would definitely play again. If only we could keep the 'doom and gloomers' away..

  • dinamsdinams Muriae, VAPosts: 1,362Member

    Point me one EA game without good scores on mainstream reviewing sites (IGN specially)


    Just going to leave this here, 

    "It has potential"
    -Second most used phrase on existence
    "It sucks"
    -Most used phrase on existence

  • FrostillicusFrostillicus M, QCPosts: 16Member

    I also had a great time with it.  Sure it had it's problems, but no different from every mmo.  PVE was standard (i.e. boring) but the PVP was great.  The only big problem came from (I guess) the 2 factions only.  There were very few times when the server I was on had a decent balance between Destro and Order.  The population would be one sided for a month or two and the underpopulated side would start to quit in frustration from being zerged 24/7.  Then suddenly (often due to a merger), the populations would balance out for a week, then swing in the opposite direction.  Each swing caused major attrition, causing more lost subs, mergers, etc.  When populations were relatively even however, it was super fun.

  • jdnewelljdnewell Spring Hill, TNPosts: 2,151Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by dinams

    Point me one EA game without good scores on mainstream reviewing sites (IGN specially)
    Just going to leave this here, 


    Advertising dollars hard at work.

  • TGSOLTGSOL Idaho City, IDPosts: 274Member

    Basically, WAR was a game that did some things right and a ton of things wrong - and "professional reviewers" largely focused on what they did right and based their scores on that. It's numerous problems were either not mentioned at all, or only passingly referenced and quickly excused away.


    This is why I no longer trust sites like IGN, Gamespot, etc. when it comes to MMO's, particularly when it comes to "big-name" MMO's from "big-name" developers. They overstate the positives and downplay or flat-out ignore the negatives.


    This kind of thing technically happens with all games, sure, but I've found it to be especially bad when it comes to MMO's.


    And for those who automatically think "I bet you won't be saying the same thing if GW2 gets raving reviews from professional review sites/magazines!" then you're wrong. I have no doubt that GW2 will get high scores from most every review site and magazine - and I couldn't care less.

  • centkincentkin Asbury, NJPosts: 1,135Member Uncommon

    Warhammer was an odd bird of a game for me -- this was mainly because I didnt leave the game so much as the game left me.

    In essence I was having a good time with it -- and then there was a server merge and we all of a sudden were outnumber by a vast margin and spent all of our time defending altdorf. 

    That wasnt fun.

    I actually sent one of my alts to a DIFFERENT server because it was so bad but I didnt want to be that far set back.

    Of course once this all goes down to one server my characters would technically be back together... 


    As it stands now one major thing that keeps me from coming back is that I would be so far behind on the power curve that I would be useless...  What was I 40/63?  I had 2 or 3 pieces of the dungeon armor that you could only do once per 5 days. 


    If they were to do something like implement a lunar system that benefited one side on the new moon and the other side on the full moon to make it so one side couldnt just consistantly steamroller the other who knows.  That and/or a new server of all things.

    PVP control type games would almost do best with servers that reset periodically.

  • RelGnRelGn halalaPosts: 494Member

    Originally posted by dinams

    Point me one EA game without good scores on mainstream reviewing sites (IGN specially)
    Just going to leave this here, 


  • gessekai332gessekai332 New York City, NYPosts: 860Member Uncommon

    Ugly outdated graphics for the time, clunky non-fluid movements, horrendous pvp imbalances(in both class and faction), terribly implemented open world PVP, themepark PvE, boring endgame, and to top it all off, they did not  care or listen to  at all to their userbase/community( typical EA).


    with that said, it still had its saving graces. For what they were, warfronts were absolutely amazing. the few times open pvp actually worked, it was extremely epic. dynamic events were a great idea and were fun the first few times around. the game had a lot of great ideas but they were poorly implemented, had a crap engine to work with, and they never followed through with things.

    Most memorable games: AoC(Tryanny PvP), RIFT, GW, GW2, Ragnarok Online, Aion, FFXI, FFXIV, Secret World, League of Legends (Silver II rank)

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