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Any Minnesotan Gamers soon to be college freshmans here?

DoctrevilDoctrevil Andover, MNPosts: 9Member

Thought i would ask, because i rather find somone who shares some interests like that of my own, then being with someone who is completely the bipolar opposite of myself.  But who knows, maybe there is more people out there like myself! But if not, lets hear your stories anyways :)


  • DonevDonev Homeville, ARPosts: 143Member

    You will find quite a few gamers in college, trust me. Especially if you are going into either Comp Engineering or Comp Sci. 

  • ForTheCityForTheCity Los Angeles, CAPosts: 307Member

    I think you will find some gamers. Most of the asian kids at my college play Starcraft 2. Don't know any that play MMOs. All my roommates use to play Starcraft 2, and all my korean friends did too. Most people play consoles but really don't see anyone playing MMOs too often besides like Ragnarok or Maple Story. 

  • SlightWorldSlightWorld LondonPosts: 2Member



    Well I will suggest you to try “Runes of Magic”. It is free to download. free of charge to play as well. It contains accurately 6 classes but you can dual-class as of level 9-10 and each class mixture has unlike abilities.




  • SandboxerXSandboxerX BostonPosts: 14Member
    Did you make this same thread on reddit?
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