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Game server cannot be found

sogarsogar san jose, CAPosts: 21Member Common

This is what I keep getting when I attempt to create a character or or play the game. Anyone else getting this message? What's the problem?



  • PurplesaurusPurplesaurus In the Clouds, ABPosts: 14Member

    I know this is an old post, but there are quite a few views and I had this problem myself and found a solution. I also wasn't able to open the setup.exe to change settings, but this works around that issue as well!

    1. Go into the folder where you installed Endless Online (For me, it's C:Program FilesEndlessOnline)

    2. Go into the config folder

    3. Right-click the setup.ini file and select Edit

    4. The file will open in Notepad, ONLY replace the text  under [CONNECTION] with the following:



    # change this values to connect to a server. You can either put

    # a 'hostname' or a IP number here. Port number should be given

    # on the website owned by the game server you want to connect.





          5.   Save and close the file.

          6.   Boot or Reboot the game if you still had it running.

          7.   Done!


    I hope this helps anyone wanting to try out the game, there's not a whole lot out there for support!


  • tablotablo ttown, ALPosts: 40Member
    Do NOT play this game. It's dead. Was fun while it lasted. Well, not so much the game as all the ridiculous teen drama.
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