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Some C9 class guides

dulfydulfy Ottawa, ONPosts: 10Member

Hey everyone, as a VVIP (media), I had a chance to play several characters at the max level (50) and created some guides on the shaman class so far. I am planning to cover the other classes once I am done with the shaman class.

Hope you guys find them helpful :D


Shaman - comprehensive guide to the early levels

Shaman abilities overview 

Guide to the Illusionist

Guide to the Elementalist



  • judex99judex99 Jacksonville, CAPosts: 392Member Uncommon

    Good guide there, i have a level 55 Elementalist spec. to Wind and is a blast to play in pve, its sad that Meteor got nerfed on the Korean version, not sure what version we will get on Seal, anyway a very fun class to play.

  • mudd4evermudd4ever Boston, MAPosts: 158Member

    I will probably try this game someday.  Thank you OP~!  These guides look very useful. =)


  • madmichaeljomadmichaeljo Portland, ORPosts: 8Member

    looks like I need a party to get going I have my 5 team keys to share.



    • 6DJ1 0JYG 1KHB 53VW


    • 01TW U7N2 P8M1 PWHL

    • 3N7S FA3P X4Q8 N58M


    If you use one contact me and tell me your time zone, download just now compleat logging.

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