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Took long enough

GreasyGhoulGreasyGhoul Kingston, TNPosts: 12Member

How hard is it to do proper Steampunk? How hard is it to keep your slutty outfits and non-steampunk/victorian things OUT of the product? Well, I asked my self when I played Neosteam. But..I recently learned that mess of a weeaboo pay to win grind-hole. Is dead. Atlus, Being the incompetent idiots they are when it comes to mmos. Killed it. So. That TAINT on the fandom of Steampunk, Is gone. If you even call Neosteam "Steampunk" No, Half the time it was about Cyberpunk and fat basement dwellers playing as females wearing the most UNSTEAMPUNK CLOTHING ever.  What you did to this game wasn't creative. It was stupid. But now the pay-to-win crap is dead. Also, Worst community ever.  We are talking about a community that would constantly grief and kill steal. And treat you like a turd on the bottom on their boot, Or in this case a sandal, Steampunk my white ghoul ass. 

You want a GOOD steampunk mmo? Steampunk DONE RIGHT? Wait for Torchlight 2, Because Runic, Unlike Atlus know what they are doing. And not going to jam the game full of crap to make it unplayable. They know what Steampunk is too.  Not a pay to win mess, That was unplayable as is, But the fact that people got the gold thing or whatever, They actually had a chance. People who didn't want to pay a pathetic exuse for a game, they got screwed over.  

As a Steampunk fan, I say.. Good Riddance. Seeing this die is like a victory. 



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