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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: Night of Murder Returns

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,388MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The Warhammer Online Herald has been updated with the news that the annual Night of Murder event has made its return. The event is scheduled to run from February 9th through the 22nd and features special quests and rewards.

Players pick up the "Marked for Death" quest in every warcamp, scenario, and capital city.  They are also asked to keep an eye out for those NPCs and enemy faction players who are marked for death and to kill them when seen. Players can also be the ones marked and should be on the watch for killers in their midst.

Rewards include:

  • Basic - Butcher's Blessing (+10% xp/renown/damage/incoming healing) and lasts for 3 in-game days

  • Advanced - Well-Mounted Skull (Places a pike next to the body of a fallen foe, topped with their head.)

  • Elite - Khaine's Caress (event-slot item with career specific stats)

  • World Drop - Lobbin' Noggin & Burning Blood Potion

Find out more on the Warhammer Online Herald.




  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,890Member Rare


  • SpallieroSpalliero Fresno, CAPosts: 147Member
    Really a 2 server game gets in the news? Thre are browser mmos with more players that are barely recognized here.

    Sic Luceat Lux

  • DiasvurDiasvur HerbornPosts: 15Member

    I want that skull !!!

  • JorlJorl SunderlandPosts: 257Member Uncommon

    Thanks for the news, but hardly worth logging on. The game is pretty much dead. lol

  • xpanderxpander TallinnPosts: 13Member

    2 server?

    its 4 servers. 1 US, 1 EU, 1 German and 1 Russian afaik.


    but yeah..this game badly needs to go Freemium imo.

    tho Bioware has DaoC running also with low population and quite a while.

  • augustgraceaugustgrace Cottonwood, CAPosts: 624Member Uncommon

    1 NA server is bad, and I do think the game should go freemium or f2p, but I started playing again a few days ago and the pvp is still some of the best available.  Lots of action in tiers 1,3 and 4 while tier 2 has been shruken down to levels 15-19. 

    Not a perfect game, and one that certainly needs a lot of love, but a breath of fresh air after SWTOR.

  • BarelyEinsteinBarelyEinstein SLC, UTPosts: 191Member Uncommon

    I'd rather hear this news than news about one of the MILLIONS of pos browser strategy clones allowing me to accelerate production.

  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,890Member Rare

    you guys with negative posts should just move along-  If your so concerended about servers go play a game console.


    now back to the OP.



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