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The Secret World: Deck System Introduced



  • garrygarry Birmingham, ALPosts: 263Member

    The multiple 'builds - souls' system that I tried in the Rift Beta was simply an immersion breaker for me. Always felt that I was missing something or failing to 'do-it-right'. Never really felt immersion with the character. The deck systems sounds good enough as long as we can develope our character with non-deck skills - experiment as mentioned above. I do appreciate the 7/7 system as reducing the complexity of high level play is better for my own playstyle - I can concentrate more on the situation than remembering what the heck this icon does on a line of icons.


    I really appreciate the idea that we can customize the look of our characters. This is one of the most important immersion factors in any MMO. I am playing, and loving, SWTOR. But the simple fact is that I cannot get my character to look how I want, either in build or clothing/armor etc.. I hope they improve the CC soon. TSW looks to grab me immediately in the outfitting side. (please!!!!). I hope decks do not become a locked in 'take this and nothing else' system. I do not get the impression that such is the case. One can only hope.

  • DannyGloverDannyGlover Portland, ORPosts: 1,277Member

    This is pretty sweet. I'm digging the fact that with only 7 active abilities at any given time, I wont have to move my hands at all to reach all my hotkeys (5 for the right hand, two for the left).

    Bill I hope you're right about predicting an influx of new info. Time to reveal the crafting system!

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