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Game is tapped out

angriffangriff Behind You, TXPosts: 154Member

People keep asking for newer planes but the devs in this game keep saying that the game is tapped out in the number of vehicles and that they can no longer develope new vehicles.  Hence, they have laid off  or failed to rehire all their modelers and currently do not have any.  The dev work going on this game is active but on things that are performance based tweaks as the engine is older than 13 years or new Graphical Interface menus and other mundane things like that.

This means for the average new player that what you see is what you get.  Nothing new and nothing being developed to make the game more insteresting, wargame complexity has stopped.  It will never be the multiple theaters such as Russian Front, North African Front and Burma that once were promised.  It will never have a decent naval wargame the provides complex convoy supply action.  It will never have the multitudes of differenct  combatants that are shown on the early screen shots such as Italians, Japanese, Russians, Canadians and never have the Americans.

They are celebrating their 10 year anniversary from that so inglorious launch.  Have they come along way?  The answer is yes but unfortunately the 1997 dev team did not have a vision to build a game engine that could take the game to all of its vaunted launch hype.  The game is limited to less than a few KM deep in France, England and Germany and is basically only in Belgium and the southern  Netherlands.  It does not even have enough map developed to get out of the France 1940 Gamelin Campaign and into the Weygand campaign (named after the French Generals that were in command) with the capture of Paris.

The use of player concentrators is needed to push players into a small area to give the ambiance of a small room shoot em up so many players used to their console games require to hold attention span and accounts.  But this has also limited the ability of small precision teams acting out in skirmish or harrasment  mode.  It has limited tacitcal decisions to a few towns and is the bane of every real wargammer that used to suscribe.

Is it worth $19 USD a month?  Well if you like killing other players online in a semi realistic WWII total combat environment unfortunately it is the only game in town.  That is if you have about 4 hours to play at a time on average, have maybe 3 to 4 combat engagements in that time  and dont mind that there will be many occasions of 55 min or more that you see nothing and do nothing but run around looking or chasing the reports of enemy in areas.


  • TontomanTontoman Toronto, ONPosts: 196Member

    I never really understood the need for something newer and greater after a certain point, although I can't blame the Rats for doing it as so many asked for them.  Considering it's counter part is also created at the same time it's not like it's uber or anything.  Getting the Tiger etc just means it takes longer to drive to where you are going and with the upgraded ATGs and sappers (although I believe that got toned down with some changes) survival isn't much better.  That doesn't go for navy of course that never got the bulk of their upgrades.  I"d have rather they had fixed issues quicker and general fixes than add more stuff.  That fat donut hole the french rifle had for the longest time was nuts.

    For you WWII fanatics, there is Red Orchestra 2 being worked on.  While it's not a global map and MMO, it is built for large maps and good number of players.  It's a similar design with iron sights only, fewer visual aids than the later WWIIOL, especially on servers set to 'hard'.  On the bigger maps you can get some cool tactics going also.  In RO, I've seem actual combat that looks like the WWIIOL trailers that never actually happins in WWIIOL.  Inf coming in behind tanks etc. mainly because things like HE in tanks actually works.  And it's also got full MGs, none of the light only crap.  And you won't have any of the crazy lag in the game.

  • StugStug Coffee County, TNPosts: 387Member Uncommon

    Nice game assasination....Im sure some of you guys make a profession out of and enjoy slagging WWIIOL off.

    I only hope there are people out there who are mature enough to make there own judgements about the game if they were to try it, rather relying on people who come here to bitch about a game.

  • bmw66bmw66 NJPosts: 127Member Uncommon

    I started playing in Oct 2003.............and BOY was it fun back then.  Even the several following years were fun but eventually things changed that the hardcore player base didnt like (cant remember what is was but i think it had to do with AO's) and a lot left.  Ever since then the game seemed to change and just was not the same. I tailed off playing in 2007 and then just quit. 


    I wish it was 2003 all over was fun back then and there were actually fights all over the map. 

    Its the only game of its kind out there but maybe thats the problem.

  • MiguelAngeloMiguelAngelo Brooklyn, NYPosts: 28Member

    what changed was that they meddled too much with the game capping system and spawns, they went more torwards the insta gratification side than the hardcore player driven game they started with.


  • TontomanTontoman Toronto, ONPosts: 196Member

    Started with the new depots, parked five feet away from the spawns.  That killed all squad city caps as instead of needed 20 people for an attack you needed 100.  It made the defense way to easy, thus a campfest.

    That started the death of the squads as individual squads were no longer effective, and squads were a HUGE part of the game.  And I don't mean beloning to a squad and having a neat little tag.  I mean squads you talked to all the time on mics while driving around, tactics and just life stuff, real close connections.

    Then AO's came in, was planned before and as defense had gotten easier, the empty city attack (uber camp) had gotten even more popular.

    That basically finished it.  Close knit squads dropped and basically became just people with tags, working no closer together than just a bunch of random players (at least as far as I could tell on free weeks).  So the long time squaddies left, and with the gameplay changes (zergs) lots of the realism guys also left.


    Lesson learned.  When you've got your niche in a world filled with WWII FPS games, don't mess with it too much.  And if you've obviously gone down a route that's unpopular,  bite the bullet and turn back.

  • MadueceMaduece Fall River, MAPosts: 4Member

     The amount of positive posts and or threads by Angriff  on the BE site are most likely 0. Take that for what its worth.

  • TruethTrueth Schofield Barracks, HIPosts: 287Member

    I pre-ordered WWIIOl back in 2001, when German SMG's fired backwards and squads had some form of freedom. You may remember me as Tactics, of Army Group B, 3rd Panzer Division, KG3 Commander and world famous leader of "The German Regulars Division"

    I remember Angriff from way back then. If he says the game is junk, I tend to trust him vs. some 5 post sock puppet that is really a Rat in disguise.

  • StugStug Coffee County, TNPosts: 387Member Uncommon

    Mauduche is no Rat.

  • ZbusZbus shelby, NCPosts: 116Member

    Originally posted by Maduece

     The amount of positive posts and or threads by Angriff  on the BE site are most likely 0. Take that for what its worth.


    Angriff has a past with the rats and the game no doubting that.But though I may have not always agreed with his posts he has always spoken his mind honestly on subjects regarding the game. And as a ww2online vet myself who once defended the game with a passion I can honestly say that the games changes from not only killing squads  but also trending it towards the instant action crowd of other fps has pretty much left a bad taste in the mouths of lots of the hard core old timers.

    Alot of us are old enough to remeber the road map they promised years ago its what kept us going for almost a decade.But alas none of that road map was brought to be,instead we got dumbed down play and instant action neither of which was what  the majority of the player base wanted.So maybe you could excuse alot of us for takeing such a negative stand on CRS these days.Most like myself only do it cause we still love the game we just dont love its direction.


    P.S.-  To all you old timers I was with the 101st in game . And yep I did battle with all the old axis squads from SG to the 94th. The game lost alot when squads got removed from the game.You used to have pride in defending your AO and knowing what guys you where up against.Was a grudgeing respect. We played hard but at the end of the day even if you lost you could say gratz to the other sides squad and take pride that you as a group had done everything possible to help your side. Shame we dont have that anymore.

  • RobbHoodRobbHood Tampa, FLPosts: 58Member

    I remember you Tactics.  Robhood, 3rd canadian Div. here.  This game is a half ass FPS wanna be that drifted far away from its War combat sim roots.  It a shame.

  • merc88merc88 Djbouti, ALPosts: 10Member

    Originally posted by Stug

    Mauduche is no Rat.

    I quit this week  as well after  being a day one...very sad but it sucks now.



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