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Sharing some little experience from 2 month playing

NagvalAntraxNagvalAntrax ArefuPosts: 4Member

Ok, first sorry for my English. I play this game about 2 month. Before I am started, I read a few guides. The game is new in Europe but its running about few years in Russia, so it’s a lot of guides about the game in Russian (Good for a Russian speaking guys :)  Most of the information about gameplay rules you can find in the Game wiki. I just wanna share some little experience from 2 month playing it.

Because the really weak gmeplay  compare to other free mmo (the content is a little bit poor and repeated IMHO) the major interesting feature of the game is a possibility to withdraw money. Like other mmo there is in game money (gold). By gold you can buy other resources like wood iron etc.  Another in game valuable resource is a Black Gem (BG). The BG you can find in Ruins, Salt Lakes and finally by buying it in auction. This BG you can legally exchange to real money (100BG=1$) or spend to some half-shitty game goods. By the way, Ruins and the Salt Lake are minor sources for the BG. The chance to find Salt Lake is a very low and if you have luck to find it pray that someone else will not find it too (actually you can really "pray" there is a "Temple" in the game : ) Usually the top players get the information about your lake and they will try to do everything to take it (the Salt Lake give about 5$ daily) So if you want to reach some BG and maybe even withdraw some bucks you must use auction.

One of the most important things in the game is a "Time" because every construction in game takes some period of time, and the right planning of development will really save your time. So in the beginning it is important to follow in game adviser its give you the exactly orders and bonuses that proper your stage (and of course it's teaching you basics of the game). The beginner target is to get 5 lvl town, to open the gates and  start to  develop Pits (opening the gates in a short time is a high priority) so you need to plan your science (science its like a Skills in other mmo) development right. The second important thing is not to take all the game bonuses (when you done some quest you reach some bonus, you can leave it by now and its stay in your done list log till you decide to take it). The third thing it’s a composition of your Army. You don’t need strongest army you must have the proper army for your rank/level and for Ruins you wanna farm. Ok I don’t want to list all the moments now, but in this game it's VERY important to know all the games tricks/// otherwise you will always in the lag between the possibility to farm ruins (that is a major resources origin) and your army efficiency, and as a result the game become very boring and not clear. For example one of the major mistakes of the newbie is a chasing after next level. In this game you must stay in the low level as much as possible, till you used all level bonuses/possibilities. Many top players spatially lows they rank by sacrificing part of the army etc.

So if you know how to play you have a huge advantage on the others players and in theory you can make fun and a little bit money.

How I said before I playing about 2 month, when I started to play everything looks nice the auction prices for black gems (BG) were pretty logical/normal (about 5-8k gold per 1 BG). BUT!!!! In last time the prices in auction rapidly rise (the new prices for BG now is about 11-18k). There are many top clans/top players which mostly came from Russian servers that absolutely rule in the game.

As a result, I input about 30$ in game and earned about 19$ (maybe if I began now I would be wiser and spend much less) and by my calculating I can make about 3-4$ profit monthly by gaming few hours in week (if the things will not become worse). In sum if you not enjoy the gameplay, profit not worth the 1/1kkk time you have to spend. And the gameplay is nice but compare to other free mmo is a weak game. Ok I have to finish now, if anyone have question I will be glad to help.



P.S another sorry for my Eng.

P.S.S  If you wanna play this game anyway at least use my ref link to reg :)



  • NagvalAntraxNagvalAntrax ArefuPosts: 4Member

    Another important thing, you can't withdraw money before you make subscription that cost 649 BG (5$). The game gives you 14 day trial (and 50BG bonus), after this period you must decide to buy subscription or to proceed playing for free. If you choose free to play the only exception is that you not be able to exchange BG to real money never. If you choose to subscribe you have to pay 649 BG at least first time (it's almost impossible to earn 600BG in the first 14 days of playing).

  • MavacarMavacar GothenburgPosts: 328Member
    Very informative, thank you for writing this :)
  • NagvalAntraxNagvalAntrax ArefuPosts: 4Member

    Some very annoying difficulties to withdraw money!


    Ok. Now I wanna share you with some annoying discoveries. For this moment I have about 25$ so I decided to withdraw part of it. First of all there is 5% fee and 20$ - minimum withdrawal sum (ok it's not surprised me, most of the similar projects have it/ and I have more). BUT!!! They surprise me with other strange/shitty limitation! They have temporary restriction on withdrawing a sum equal to the earlier inputted if you used credit card or SMS to buy the crappy BG. PPL what's going on!?!image Credit cards anti-fraud restriction for three month?!! Is it not too much?!  (I think if you pay via Paypal they doesn't bother you, but I am not sure). Ok, now the last annoying fact, you can withdraw money only to webmoney for now. And what I am suppose to do with this webshittymoney? It’s a long, waste process to exchange it to real money or to CC/PayPal. Its looks like these Ukrainian gangsta-developers make all to prevent you take out money.


    P.S another sorry for my Eng. 

    P.S.S  If anyone wanna play this game anyway at least use my referal link :)

  • dtportnoy69dtportnoy69 Montreal, MTPosts: 28Member
    Yeah the game is a big scam. Dont' bother playing for profit. They make it impossible to withdrawal. With their so called "fraud" prevention. They are basically frauding you. Avoid at all cost. I played for over 6 months and what a waste of time. The admins are dishonest and scammers. The amount they list as "payed out" is bogus information.
  • youth11youth11 San Diego, CAPosts: 2Member

    I play for a long time, it is already possible to withdraw money on PayPal

    lots of useful information found on the website

  • lechughlechugh plattsburgh, NYPosts: 9Member Uncommon
    dtportnoy69 is correct, the game is a big scam, with a tiny pathetic game attached. Don't waste your time.image
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