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Skyrim spiders to much for me



  • bansanbansan blah city, MOPosts: 367Member

    Originally posted by Mr_Wolfx

    Originally posted by jdlamson75

    Originally posted by Mr_Wolfx

    Originally posted by nerovipus32

    Originally posted by marinrider

    The OP got his answer, now its just people saying his fear is stupid. This thread needs to be locked.

    All fears are stupid because they are created in your own mind and not in reality. The more you avoid them the more power they have over you. Its your own mind tricking you.

    This really is one of the most ignorant comments I've ever seen on

    Sadly, that's saying quite a lot, with the rampant ignorance running around here...

    Yeah, I found this one particularly insulting though. 

    Whether or not it is insulting, nothing he said is wrong.  Your brain is overreacting (extreme) to an external stimuli (in this case fake) and causing you to physically lockup.

    Your brain is unwittingly playing a trick of the worst kind on you.  You aren't suggesting that pixels that look like spiders have some kind of physical manifestation on you?

  • doragon86doragon86 Boston, MAPosts: 589Member Uncommon

    There may be mods that remove or alter them. Also I believe the creation kit is coming soon, so could possibly make a mod yourself to deal with it.

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  • ClassicstarClassicstar rotjeknorPosts: 2,687Member Uncommon

    Play on easy settings and slowly try kill spiders first without headphones maybe you get over it if you realy try?

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  • SouldrainerSouldrainer Elmer, NJPosts: 1,857Member

    I have to say, the spiders in Skyrim are pretty realistic.  Sometimes they even creep me out, and I am the kind of guy who has a spider tattoo.  What?

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  • TruthXHurtsTruthXHurts El Do, KSPosts: 1,555Member Uncommon

    My wife has a phobiaof the cinnamon roll container popping open. I have to do it for her everytime, and I scream when it pops just to mess with her.

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  • loradoveloradove Seattle, WAPosts: 61Member

    Please cut the baiting and refrain from insulting other people.  If you have better suggestions for the OP please respond without insulting.


  • TheonenoniTheonenoni Lexington, VAPosts: 279Member

    just get over it.

    -I am here to perform logic

  • SouldrainerSouldrainer Elmer, NJPosts: 1,857Member

    What happened to that awesome no spiders mod that was posted?

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  • TNgalTNgal Springfield, TNPosts: 19Member

    To the OP:


    I do understand. Doesn't matter that it is fake and on a computer, still hate spiders myself and they are repulsive even on a computer. We live where we battle brown recluse spiders, they are a living nightmare! Frankly, I don't think any fear of spiders should be classified as a phobia, since they really CAN cause severe harm. I think it's common sense! lol! Glad someone shared some good info with you on removing them from the game, wish we could do it in other games, too. Good luck!

  • outfctrloutfctrl Jacksonville, FLPosts: 3,619Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by kareem12345

    hey guys im really scared of spiders in real life i have aracnophbia and its really hurting my exprerince in the game anyone know anyway i can delete that specific model from the game?

    If you can change it and still want something scary, substitute this for the spiders


  • MikeBMikeB Community Manager Queens, NYPosts: 6,164Administrator Rare

    Seeing as the OP got their solution and the resulting conversation has been insensitive to say the least, I'm going to go ahead and lock this one up.

    Let's try and be more supportive of our fellow gamers in the future. If you don't have something constructive to add, please don't post. Thanks.

    Michael "MikeB" Bitton
    Community Manager
    Twitter: @eMikeB

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