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TERA: Sneak Peek Keys!



  • superweaselsuperweasel nowhere, FLMember Posts: 25 Uncommon

    I wouldnt mind a key as well :D

  • wwwyzzerdwwwyzzerd Oxon, MDMember Posts: 1

    pm if anoyone has any or find a site, much thanks ^_^

  • ChokoOlateChokoOlate Moscow, TNMember Posts: 2

    i need a key plz :)

  • tollboothtollbooth grants pass, ORMember Posts: 298 Common


  • jackl101jackl101 Beaverton, ORMember Posts: 3 Common

    If you could please.

  • shadow417shadow417 antwerpen, NYMember Posts: 170

    1more key would be great, please.

  • ChokoOlateChokoOlate Moscow, TNMember Posts: 2

    to tollbooth,

    thanks a lot!

  • gaborugaboru PloiestiMember Posts: 2

    one key for me plss ? i beg ! i w8 for this game so much

  • dopplemmodopplemmo toronto, ONMember Posts: 31 Common

    here is a key I grabbed yesterday, not going to use it, so have fun!



  • ThorHalThorHal CottbusMember Posts: 89

    Looks like server weren't that strong, be patient guys, its gonna work at some point. :)

  • gaborugaboru PloiestiMember Posts: 2

    pm me with a key plss , i beg u all  ho have ++ keys :P i w8 for this game so much

  • mrvader010mrvader010 mobile, ALMember Posts: 34 Uncommon

    Can someone send me a key please..

  • KeTeRLightKeTeRLight StrasbourgMember Posts: 1 Uncommon

    Please i wanna try this game out,anyone can pm me a key please?

  • RazielitRazielit LondonMember Posts: 1

    If anyone would have a spare key and would be so kind to PM me one I would be very very grateful till the end of days :)

    Thanks R.

  • orsonstfuorsonstfu Belaton, LAMember Posts: 203

    I'd like to snag a key if someone has an extra.  We could vent it up and test out the game together.  Toss one my way, I say :D

  • Terminus-EstTerminus-Est GlasgowMember Posts: 352 Uncommon

    Like evryone else, I would appreciate a key if anyone has a spare. :)

  • RomtimRomtim ParisMember Posts: 175

    same here, please give a key to an old player :)


  • Fornax123Fornax123 Plano, TXMember Posts: 36 Uncommon

    I would love to have a key if anyone has a spare!  :)

  • KeglaKegla VidinMember Posts: 1

    LF 1 key if possible pls :) PM

  • iAshiAsh WolverhamptonMember Posts: 6

    LF 1 key to O/ please :3

  • rudozarudoza levenMember Posts: 3

    Looking for a spare key aswell if anyone has any, please PM me, and i will give you some scottish haggis i just cooked dumm dummm dummmmm


  • Spizzle11Spizzle11 PrestonMember Posts: 3 Uncommon

    I would also very much appreciate a key if anyone has any spare. PM if possible. Cheers

  • freegefreege NorthamptonMember Posts: 75 Uncommon

    Looking for a spare key if anyone would be so kind ^-^

  • dimasokdimasok toronto, ONMember Posts: 183 Uncommon

    i got a code from electronictheatre but when i go to redeem it it says invalid!!

  • NBlitzNBlitz ZwolleMember Posts: 1,904

    Originally posted by dimasok

    i got a code from electronictheatre but when i go to redeem it it says invalid!!

    It's European, use the EU site.

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