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Will World of Darkness be Sandbox or Something Else?



  • JoliustJoliust stoughton, WIPosts: 1,329Member

    Originally posted by Moirae

    Originally posted by Joliust

    Originally posted by Moirae
    As to the "casual" thing, every single game out there including the upcoming SWTOR is a casual player game. Enough already. Its time to give something to those that are actually more dedicated and stop babying everything down. Let everyone else have ONE game that isn't meant for baby's, children and people with no time to play.

    I don't think it is too hard to make the game fun for both types of players. You can give casuals something that doesn't require being online all the time, and give hardcore's things that require a lot of activity. Allow the two to interact but not compete. Both will be happy.

    In other words, the exact same thing we have in other game. Give raiding to the hardcore, and everything else to the casuals so both things suck. No, sorry, that is not right. Frankly, raiding sucks, and I'm sick of everything being casual friendly. 

    You just contradicted yourself. Also that was not what I meant in other words. There very few games where casual players cannot find a meaningful role in the game. In fact the new trend to have end level raiding is the first time casuals were ever forced out of gameplay. So in a big way games today are far less casual friendly than before. I absolutely detest raiding and refuse to participate in it so it doesn't matter to me.

    Now if you are talking about solo vs group friendly, then I agree.

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  • Moaky07Moaky07 Flushing, MIPosts: 2,096Member

    Originally posted by Lanfea

    information about world of darkness given by white wolf / ccp during the grand masquerade:

    The producers stated their philosophy in making this MMO was "human interaction". They feel that is limited in the current crop of MMO's and their biggest weakness.

    They are trying to emulate the feel of LARPing more then EVE or any other game system with this MMO

    There will be a general CCP run metaplot that develops over time but the main metaplots will be left for the players to drive forward.

    Incarna is actually considered a prototype, the rendering engine that will ship with the MMO will be much more advanced.

    Everyone starts as a mortal, becoming kindred is optional and can not be forced on you. You can play he entire game as a mortal only.

    There will be final death for both mortals and kindred.

    PvP will be more limited in some ways, yet more open in others then any other current MMO.

    There will be cities (plural) and communication between them (the various kindred and clans) will be encouraged/possible.

    Caitiff will NOT be in on release. They discussed it internally and couldn't find a way to make them work in a way they liked.

    Casual players will find the game accessible but hard core players will have a much deeper experience and more rewards/benefits.

    Considering some kind of web site access interface for the MMO

    NO day/night cycle, only night.

    Humanity is a stat is game and one use is to address griefers. The more you cause issues for other players, break the masq, etc the more you can loose humanity and once it gets too low other players (and NPCs?) can attack you (implied even if you flag yourself non-pvp).

    Griefers will suffer both in game and if serious enough out of game penalties (ie account banning)

    Helps to make friends and not enemies in game as you can not get to the top of the food chain without networking and having friends to assist you.

    Players will have havens.

    Players can climb the ladder and get to Prince levels of power and run a city

    Can get to Prince level power without killing a single thing, all done via networking, politics and friendships

    ONLY kindred on release of game, no were's, mages, etc. However those other supernaturals may be used in a NPC fashion or/and their lore appear in game.

    MMO character sheet very similar to the V:tM PnP character sheet.

    Character names over the avatars head by default turned off, but can turn them on.

    Game world/environment will change over time; real in game consequences for player actions.

    Diablerie and related game mechanics from the PnP game is "under heavy discussion" no decision as of now.

    Dynamic NPC missions/World events

    One world server, no shards/instancing.

    Torpor in game but not used as in PnP game, used as a mechanic to explain why a kindred did not die/final death

    They are aware the WoD is a adult setting and the devs are going to not shy away from gore, blood and nudity. However such will have a reason and not adult content for the sake of adult content.

    Seemed to imply your personal haven is where its open season, as gratuitous as you wish, full nudity for example. 

    Public nudity (by players) will be limited to prevent griefers and non-RPers from breaking immersion.  

    Hinted consensual PvP fight to the (final) death will be a feature between players.

    CCP Chris said in his opinion SW:ToR isn't a MMO, it is a SP game that has a MP element as the game isn't player driven.

    To go up the food chain you NEED support from other players, impossible to do it alone.

    The different cities will be different sizes (and I assume looks as well)

    Using software called Cerberus for real time translation in game via text chatting. CCP Chris said 5 languages (didn't state which however) on release.

    original source:

    Nice of you to list the features.

    True death will be something in a MMO game. Some folks will complain after losing a high level char due to lag etc. I cant imagine a bigger rush though for a PvP gamer.


    Full nudity? That will sell a few extra boxes alone. hah Teens and some pervy older guys. Bonus if they allow the guys playing females to choose the curtain design. Double bonus if white guys dont feel like they got shortchanged in the game as well as in real life.


    One server, and they mention trying to keep griefing in check. Yep, Nicheville I would have to imagine. Griefers are like parasites to MMO companies....they suck the life right out of their work.


    You would think companies would learn their lesson about open world forced PvP. Hopefully the game gives sandboxers a place with an actual avatar, and they enjoy it. I know some have complained about that in EVE.


    I am just seeing a few bad signs already. Oh well, was just checking out forum cause folks talk about this game on site. Hope it turns out like you people want. Got no dog in this show.

    Asking Devs to make AAA sandbox titles is like trying to get fine dining on a McDonalds dollar menu budget.

  • SirBalinSirBalin Joppa, MDPosts: 1,253Member Uncommon

    I am passionatly in love with this game already!!

    "You're either with us or against us"

  • xxpigxxxxpigxx Harlingen, TXPosts: 412Member

    Sounds good, though I have never got into the WoD thing.  I guess I have a few years to catch up.




    I assume by personal havens, they mean player housing?

  • MoiraeMoirae New Orleans, LAPosts: 3,145Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by xxpigxx

    Sounds good, though I have never got into the WoD thing.  I guess I have a few years to catch up.
    I assume by personal havens, they mean player housing?

    Yes, but that isn't quite right. Its not just "a house" in vampire. Haven is exactly what it says. A haven from the outside world. That normally means heavy fortification that gets heavier as the vampire ages and gains more money to protect the vampire from any invasion. There's also a place normally a place safe from the sun that you couldn't find unless you knew it was there. On the outside, it would look like a perfectly normal house, apartment, condo, etc. On the inside, if you know what you're looking for, you'll find the vampire well protected from the outside world. Unless you're really insane, incredibly stupid, or lacking in mental capacity in some way, you do NOT want to break into a vampire haven. Especially if its a Sabbat vampire. 


    We are introducing an old friend of my husbands to vampire right away. Vampire is something you generally passionately love, or it is something you could care less for (though I don't think I've ever met anyone that actually hated it). There really isn't much in between. 

  • xxpigxxxxpigxx Harlingen, TXPosts: 412Member

    Well, I just acquired V: TM, so we will see how it goes


  • GylfiGylfi LlandlowPosts: 660Member Uncommon

    i like the sound of it so far. Politics, power, control. That's all awesome.

    I only hope the game will not feature the usual linear story of quests that follow you from map to map in a sequence in and out of levelling. Cause that's just incompatible with a sandbox game.

  • MoiraeMoirae New Orleans, LAPosts: 3,145Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Gylfi

    i like the sound of it so far. Politics, power, control. That's all awesome.
    I only hope the game will not feature the usual linear story of quests that follow you from map to map in a sequence in and out of levelling. Cause that's just incompatible with a sandbox game.

    Check out my website for a list of what the MMO is currently offering. From the sounds of it, this is going to really be a massive sandbox game. Players are even going to be able to be Princes. 

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