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100,000 beta invites sent out for the US.

zethcarnzethcarn Kentucky, KYPosts: 1,558Member Uncommon

I would imagine this means they are stress testing their servers.  Hopefully, it's a sign of release soon!


  • bartoni33bartoni33 Southern IllinoisPosts: 1,688Member Rare

    Yep check your In-boxes! Got mine at 7:44 CST.

    Yes we CAN talk about it.


    EDIT: Well that was fail. Meant to be whole Email.

    You're Invited: Diablo III Beta Test

    Congratulations! You've been selected to participate in the Diablo III beta test.

    As a beta test participant, you'll have the chance to check out all five hero classes -- barbarian, witch doctor, wizard, monk, and demon hunter. You'll fight your way through part of Act I and go head-to-skull against the Skeleton King, taking him on alone or cooperatively with other adventurers. You'll also get to meet up with some of the artisans, followers, and other key characters from Sanctuary, and try out the game's skill and crafting systems.

    At the same time, you'll be helping us test the stability of the® service and fine-tune the game balance prior to launch.

    Before you can play, you'll first need to create a BattleTag™ nickname, a new player-chosen handle that will identify you across all of in the future -- in other Blizzard games, on our websites, and in our forums. Make sure to choose a name you'll be happy with in the long run. For more information, read the BattleTag FAQ.

    We also invite you to share your Diablo III beta experience with the world! All participants can take screen shots, capture video, and/or publicly disclose information about their beta test experience.

    We look forward to hearing your feedback, and we'll see you on!

    Getting Started


    1. Log in to

    2. Click the "Account" button.

    3. Create your BattleTag: Click "Create One Now" under BattleTag in the Account Details section.

    4. Click on Diablo III Beta game account listed under "Your Game Accounts".

    5. Verify your age.

    6. Select Windows or Mac as your operating system to download the beta client.

    7. Select "Run" when the installation .exe pop-up box appears.

    Note: Your participation in the Diablo III beta test is governed by a Beta Test Agreement that you are required to accept before you can install the beta client.



    Any questions? Check out the FAQ.

    Sending Us Feedback


    Once you've had a chance to play, we want to hear your thoughts! The game is still a work in progress, and one of the purposes of the beta test is to identify any issues and improve the player experience before the game ships. We encourage you to share your feedback by posting on our Diablo III Beta Forums.



    If you experience any issues setting up your account, review this article.

    If you run into any difficulties installing the beta client, please contact technical support either by posting on the appropriate forum or using our web form.

    We hope you enjoy the game!



  • VallistaVallista San Diego, CAPosts: 282Member Uncommon

    I got one, the game is sweet. 

  • lennpelllennpell madawaska, MEPosts: 111Member Uncommon

    Why must it be 3 weeks before I'm 17? I want one =[

  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare

    Bummer.  Very jealous.

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