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A New Players Opinion.....

humperhumper motown, CAPosts: 12Member

Today, I read about everyones disscussions randomly... on different topics. I have personally never played EQ or EQ2 even though I'm a older player..... I have played multiple MMORPG's both P2P and F2P.

Nothing that I have seen, heard, or played. Has ever been considered a truley indepth experiance.

To me... to find the right MMO..... it's like soul searching  in a sense, like tring to find a perfect companion. None that I've played or witness have been a good enough.

I myself believed I have found one, in playing the free trial ---- Vangaurd Saga of Heros. It is a game thats a classic!

Believe me SOE that you dont want to loose this game to F2P it's perfectly fine as a P2P.

All this game needs is a little attention in the marketing department to sell.

F2P means more people, but with that comes immature people, cash shops, and disfunctioned community, which all spells ruined and unenjoyable.

P2P means an adult will need to cash handle the account, Usually are mature players, closer communtiy, removes cash shops, and alot of immature players (mainly cause you'll need a credit card) children would have a difficult time to access. Makes it more enjoyable for people . This game in trial version it is a very fun game, and a challenge.Afterward buy it and subcribe. I would suggest it to anyone tired of the same grind system these new fast pace MMO's keep putting out. I know, I'm sick of it!


  • MardyMardy hollywood, CAPosts: 2,213Member

    F2P is the only way to save this game.  If you like this game, you should support F2P, not go against it.


  • csthaocsthao Saint Paul, MNPosts: 1,112Member Uncommon

    I agree with Mardy. The only way for Vanguard to get attention is through F2P. The influx of players joining would be a welcomed sight. I'm sure that when people have tried out all the other F2P games out there and then come into the world of Vanguard they will notice just how much better and exciting this game can be. It needs some serious attention and going F2P will be the only logical thing to do. 

    I am seriously thinking that if all other SoE MMO's dont go according to plan via F2P. They will depend on Vanguard being the last resort of getting more players to come back. Well besides EQ next, but you know its going to be a while before that game will even come out. But still...

  • ZippyZippy NY, NYPosts: 1,412Member

    Sadly the game has been dead for 3-4 years.  No full time devs means no content.  SOE pulled the plug when they bought the game and has just left it to wither and die.  They only bought it to reduce the risk to EQ2 and to use it as  a marketing tool for EQ2 even though Vanguard was a much better game.

    Yes the release was rough but if they invested any money intot he game it could have bounced back like EQ2.  the problem with that is it would have taken money away from EQ2 and the investors who out money into EQ2.

    SOE is simply evil.  They kill and destroy games.  Vanguard arguably had more potential and a better foundation than any MMO ever released.  It just needed to be developed. So sad.

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