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Most Hype Most let down?

SEANMCADSEANMCAD Houston, TXPosts: 13,206Member Epic

Do you think those gamers who follow games intensely  before they come out and get hyped the most about the release are also the ones who get disapointed.

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  • CuathonCuathon University City, NYPosts: 2,211Member

    Absolutely. If you aren't worked up about a game if its bad its bad and if its good its awesome and a nice surprise.

  • maplestonemaplestone Ottawa, ONPosts: 3,099Member Uncommon

    Well ... if you ever find yourself believing that a game that you have not played is going to be better than everything you ever have played, your imagination is setting you up for disappointment.

    (of course, this doesn't apply to my dream game I long for that will of course really be better than anything that ... uh-oh)

  • LowFlyingHamLowFlyingHam Charlston, ALPosts: 98Member

    I've been gaming since I was 2 years old, religiously since around 5.  Very little excites me in that kind of way anymore.  To compare old me vs current me, while I'm generally unimpressed with new games, I don't often feel disappointed.  The last game I bought was Batman: Arkham Asylum(not when it just came out, a month ago or something), and while I was unimpressed... I wasn't disappointed.  Part of that stems from my severe dislike of playing anything licensed from a movie/comic book, I went in expecting crap even though I've seen good reviews.  It was nothing I haven't already seen before, but it wasn't a bad game.  When I was young I used to get real hyped about games.  I was subscribed to Nintendo Power back in the day and they would sometimes build games up that ultimately were crap.

    Right now the only thing on the horizon that I'm really excited over is Mass Effect 3.  No game series has captured my attention quite like Mass Effect has in a very long time.  The last series to do this was Shenmue, but I don't think that will ever be finished unfortunately.  I remember renting the first Shenmue and loving every minute of it.  I loved it so much I bought an obnoxiously expensive import copy of Shenmue 2 for close to $100, and then bought it again for the Xbox when it was re-released.

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  • HopfrogHopfrog Las Vegas, NVPosts: 90Member

    When I read this post, I immediately wondered what game had the highest expectations and delivered the biggest dissapointment at launch.

    I don't think hype necessarily leads to letdown.  WoW had pretty big hype and delivered.  I agree with a lot that it has been downhill ever since, but at launch, it delievered in my opinion.  I'd put Rift and LOTRO on there too.  May not be your cup of tea, but they weren't bombs.

    As far as most hype coupled with biggest letdown.  I'd say WAR and Darkfall top the list for me.  I remember the megahype leading up to those games and the crushing dissapointment.

  • CeridithCeridith Posts: 2,980Member Common

    Of course.

    They fawn over the game so much and put it on such a high pedestal that it's impossible for the game to ever meet their expectations.

    But I guess my agreement was kind of obvious from my quote on the left. image

  • Loke666Loke666 KalmarPosts: 19,922Member Epic

    Yeah of course. 

    They don´t of course always become dissapointed but when they do they get it a lot worse than someone who just are curious and not expect anything.

  • EdeusEdeus Stamford, CTPosts: 506Member Common

    Absolutely.  And if your counting on box sales and not subscriptions, then who cares!


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  • Mari2kMari2k rzhz, MNPosts: 371Member

    This has nothing to do with games, that is life... get used to it, best things comes unexpected.

  • revy66revy66 NY, NYPosts: 464Member

    Originally posted by Edeus

    Absolutely.  And if your counting on box sales and not subscriptions, then who cares!

    The devs and publisher as evidenced with almost every non-MMO game in existence.

  • kakasakikakasaki Lockhart, TXPosts: 1,205Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by SEANMCAD

    Do you think those gamers who follow games intensely  before they come out and get hyped the most about the release are also the ones who get disapointed.

    Yes, absolutely! As with anything in life (games, music, movies, dates), the more you are carried away by hype, the more you build up the product in your imagination.  The problem is, your imagination  is not limited by real world constraints while the "real" product is. Hence, the real product will never live up to what your imagination has come up with. When you actually experience the real product, one is inevitably let down.


    Just my 2 cents...

    A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true...

  • HomituHomitu Hometown, HIPosts: 2,030Member Uncommon

    I would say that, for the most part, games I've gotten really excited for have lived up to their hype and gone on to become some of my all time favorite games.  I suppose games that have hyped me have done so because they looked really good; and they looked really good because they actually were really good.  I don't know, it seems pretty easy to tell if I will really like a game before release based on the plethora of information that is available nowadays. 

  • QuenchsterQuenchster Monroe, MIPosts: 450Member

    I treat hype as a reason to investigate something. If I get hyped from investigating a game with things such as actual gameplay footage and beta testing then I think the let down for a game will be minimal. If a game disappoints me when I investigate it I more than likely won't get the game at all. That is the advantage of hype. It saves me money. The only time when hype should be considered bad is when people try to use hype from things like trailers and talk like "This is how many people bought this game!" as a reason to buy things rather than using the hype they get from checking things out.

  • PapaB34RPapaB34R StockholmPosts: 300Member

    the greater the hype, the greater the expentations... which generally attracts a lot of folks but then leave it as soon as theyve realised that "hey this game isnt what I wanted to play. Ala AoC/War ex


  • DaitenguDaitengu Wichita, KSPosts: 442Member

    Originally posted by SEANMCAD

    Do you think those gamers who follow games intensely  before they come out and get hyped the most about the release are also the ones who get disapointed.

    Yes, though I shall reitorate what has been stated previously.  The higher a person is hyped, the more they dream about what's in the game. Then they play the game and when  their dreams does not match reality, they rage on forums.


    I personally wasn't hyped at all, but I surprisingly liked it, though it's definately not a game I'd spend a year on.

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