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Headed back to UO.. I think.

ViktaalViktaal Cudahy, WIPosts: 78Member

As the title suggests, I am thinking of returning to UO. I haven't played it in AGES, since the days of old. Yet, there is nothing out on the market right now that grabs my attention. The only game that I would bother playing right now is Vangaurd, but it is desolate. I usually find myself solo, dependening on free time, but I still enjoy an active community too. So.... is it worth the effort, and if so, what shard offers a fairly active community with RP, PvP and decent PvE?


  • HolaHolaHolaHola AlbertslundPosts: 68Member

    Atlantic is always pretty active.

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  • DraronDraron A town in, KYPosts: 993Member

    Atlantic has the highest amount of players right now. But I find Catskills to have a more active RP community.

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