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Considering starting MO, but cautious...



  • xDayxxDayx St Charles, MOPosts: 712Member

    Originally posted by darthturtle1

    Originally posted by xDayx

    I play it and have on and off since it was released. I like the fact its not run of the mill, realism is cool, and crafting/gathering is different. Im not a hardcore pvp'er either but like the fact that its dangerous at the same time due to the adrenalin/fear.
    I play now and am still working on one of my 6 characters. There seems to be several chokepoints that players need to 'get around' . The first is within the first week or so when you 'get used to the controls' and the basic mechanics of the game. If you get past that the next is the "can you take getting ganked at times and getting your stuff taken". And finally, can you accept Mortal Online for having SV behind it and accepting the bugs, modern warfare kill-counters who dont see it as a 'role-playing game', and a handful of exploitable mechanics that SV doesnt seem to ever fix.
    And I think this is MO's biggest problem is it has SV working on it.  They have shown time and time again they really lack the tools or education to make the game.  The kill counters you mention just show the game is an online deathmatch more than an rpg.  And you are right there are many exploits in the game that have come and gone and come again since release without SV being able to get a hand on it.
    I personally have accepted the above and play it over the themeparks of today.  In addition the "Awakening" expansion due out in months will give the game some fluff and improve the UI.*
    *Predicting that several posts below will debate that you cant call it an expansion due to several features were supposed to be in previous expansions, or that stuff from previous expansions still dont work, blah blah. I've been around Mortal and read mmorpg posters for too long without hating it after all this time. It is possible to still like Mortal because my hatred for face-rolling themeparks is greater. In addition, I dont disagree with alot of Mortals haters either, because actually they are correct in 99% of what they say.

    The green paragraph you actually said it better than anyone else can.  Most of the stuff in the "expantion" is core features that should have been in the game at release or soon after.  And yes you are correct again there are "features" still not working and or finished from previous patches or "expansions". 

    I agree that themeparks suck.  But would I pay for a non working "sandbox" over a themepark??  I got a better Idea how about I just do not play or pay for a game just because my choice is a non working sandbox or a themepark.  I do not know why people are so addictied to games that is the choice a lot of people mention.  Find a new hobby take your wife or gf on a date. 

    I only like playing sandboxes.  Right now there is not one worth me paying for it except EVE.  And I do not feel like playing EVE right now.  And I love Star Wars but I am not that much in love to pay for the theme park even tho every friend I know plays SWOTOR.  So my choice is not between a themepark and a non working sandbox.  I just don't pay for one and I am waiting for one that is worth the money.

    If MO was $5 a month I would most likely still be playing.  But $15 is a price tag meaning the game is done working and mostly bug free and better be exploit free, and all the content they are adding is not CORE features but just new fluff on top of thw working core..  Which MO is not. 

    I cant argue with you. Tried EVE and for me it was hard to immerse being a ship with an avatar's portrait. Each to his own.

  • genoshangenoshan WollongongPosts: 51Member Uncommon

    I was in the same boat as the OP. I tried it and I liked it.

    So far  Iam really enjoying it. If you try the trial and hate it, you have lost only some download and a little time. So why not ?

    Forums are made up mostly of haters, look at any game forum and they are filled with negatives, due to all the people who enjoy the game are playing it rather than posting their dthoughts in forums.

  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Webster, MAPosts: 4,775Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Vonatar

    Well title says it all really. I am an old school MMO player that always likes to have something to play in my free time and, quite honestly, I am sick to death of today's shallow lifeless MMOs. My best memories of playing are still from EQ some 12 years ago, which to my mind says it all in terms of where the market has gone since then.
    I have followed MO for a while, reading, watching vids and at times get quite excited about playing. But, I am cautious every time I read about the large amount of bugs, low population, SV on verge or bankruptcy ot whatever doom-and-gloom story pops up about this game.
    So I thought I would ask for some guidance from people who know the game better than I do about whether it's worth giving it a try. Happy to take both positive and negative views, just want to be better informed really before I take up the 14 day trial.

    You can't appreciate how truly awful MO is until you've played it yourself. My advice is to do the free trial.

  • ToferioToferio RandomPosts: 1,411Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by GTwander

    If you're an explorer you'll LOVE some of the somewhat hidden spots around the map.

    Ironically, I've found more meaningful places to explore in vanilla WoW, than in MO. Granted MO does have some pretty visuals at certain places, but as you said they are all completely useless.

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