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Lotro - riding through all 18 regions videos.

AlchimesAlchimes GatwickPosts: 27Member Uncommon




I've made videos of riding through all 18 regions in Lord of the Rings Online.


I think its good for people who want to see how different regions looks and how big is the game world.


One of my favourites videos I have watched many times is video 15 Enedwaith. It is because of very good weather effects like rain, wind and very good sounds and epic soundtrack starting at 2:15. Not the best quality but worth watching in my opinion

Not often you can see weather effects like this. Usually in this game its nice and sunny.


9. Angmar part 1

9. Angmar part 2

10. Misty Mountains

12. Moria entrance (daytime)

12. Mines of Moria over 23 minutes

17. Gap of Rohan and Isengard


After making all these videos I am sure Lotro is the game with largest game world mmorpg. Even if you find larger world it will not be as much detailed, complex with that many different regions and landscapes. Example Fallen Earth, huge 3 sectors but mostly empty desert. I have nothing against FE, its a good game, just comparing world size and structure.

As for Lotro more regions coming this year. The Great River region in spring and Rohan (almost twice the size of Moria) in end of the year.



Alpet - level 65 loremaster.



  • TypososTyposos AthensPosts: 39Member Uncommon

    i watched 2-3 videos , u did nice job :) yes the true is that lotro have a very nice world!

  • NrthnStar5NrthnStar5 Miami, FLPosts: 16Member Uncommon

    Gorgeous videos. Thank you for sharing!

  • AlchimesAlchimes GatwickPosts: 27Member Uncommon

    Thank you for response. Travelling by horse through all 18 regions took me in total 206 minutes, which is 3 hours and 26 minutes.

    Now I am recording some of the skirmishes and Isengard Epic quests starting from Vol 3. Book 4, Chapter 18 - when i was captured and threw in Isengard caves as a prisoner. Still I am trying to escape in the following movies.

    All movies in 720p HD.

    Vol 3. Book 4, Chapter 19,20

    Vol 3. Book 4, Chapter 21

    Vol 3. Book 4, Chapter 22 (including session play)

    Vol 3. Book 4, Chapter 23 (escaping from Isengard)

    thanks for watching.

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