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Inventv_XileInventv_Xile Chandler, AZPosts: 2Member

Why can't all of these Japanese developers get someone who actually speaks english to look over their websites? You put all this money and time and effort into creating a game that will go nowhere in america (where people will obviously pay to play) just because you don't want to spell/grammar check your website.



  • kzaskekzaske Boise, IDPosts: 518Member Uncommon

    Lets have a link to the offending web site, shall we?  Proof or it didn't happen.


  • Inventv_XileInventv_Xile Chandler, AZPosts: 2Member

    You're in the forum of the game whose official website is the offender. Please think before you whip out the trollspeech.

  • AdamTMAdamTM Frankfurt Am MainPosts: 1,376Member

    Dear god yes please.

    I've seen romhacks that were translated better. Its sometimes like they only threw all the text into google translate and called it a day.

  • itgrowlsitgrowls newport news, VAPosts: 2,951Member

    is it as bad as All your base are belong to us?

  • AdamTMAdamTM Frankfurt Am MainPosts: 1,376Member

    Originally posted by itgrowls

    is it as bad as All your base are belong to us?

    Sometimes worse.

    Not specifically talking about this game now, but in Vindictus, which is released for NA and EU we have nuggets like

    "Find your character!" (at character creation)

    Or completely nonsensical dialogue:

    - "Why must be fighting, I want everyone be happy."

    - "Silence, we must go to the ruins and confront battle!"

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