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General: What’s In a Name?



  • SeanSPSSeanSPS Tucson, VAPosts: 37Member

    This reminds me of a time I was playing an instance in DCUO. I was playing an ice villainess named "Snowfake." I.e. FAKE. Like, Fake snow, or implying that the character has a "fake" personality or alter-ego.I thought it was a funny, comic-booky name to use for a villain in DCUO.

    The people in the instance somehow got on the topic of villain names and were ranting (in voice chat, mind you) about how so many people try to pick names that are "too serious" for villain names. Then they mentioned aloud, "What kind of name is 'Snow Flake'? I mean really? A flake of snow? Come on."

    At that point I activated my mic and tried to yell back at them, "Read it again, it says Snow FAKE, how is that a serious villain name?" But suddenly my mic produced extremely loud feedback in the chat channel and they all started screaming into their mics in agony...

    Oh well...

  • FrostWyrmFrostWyrm Tempe, AZPosts: 1,036Member

    Originally posted by Tardcore

    Meh. To me the whole naming controversey is a big load of "so f*cking what". If someone wants to pic a goofy name, no skin off my back. Its their in game actions that are important to me.


    I'm honestly not sure which faction in this little conundrum does more damage. People with mildly silly to outrageously silly names can indeed break game immersion for other players and that expression of personality can also foreshadow that they are one of the truly socially retarded that haunt these games these days.

    However I also feel the opposite faction of parsimminous, snobbish, dickweeds that make blanket and snap decsions about other players based only on a factor such as character name or a messurement such as gear score, without bothering to ever try to get to know the living breathing human being on the other side of the computer screen, are a major factor on why todays MMO comunities have become the festering snakepits they are today as well.

    Personally I feel vilifying and excluding other players for superficial reasons to be a shade worse for the over all gaming community than the player that decides he'd really like to name his personal character "Admiral Snackbar" or "James T Jerk".


    "Why do you ask, Two Dogs F*cking?"

    Thing is, a person's name is a representation of themselves. In an MMO its that all-important first-impression. People see someone named "didurmom" running around and think, "what kind of person chooses something like that for a name?" More often than not, the answer is someone who is immature, childish, and not desirable to associate with. Maybe thats not who "didurmom" is at all, but that first impression is already made, and if people disassociate with him because of it, he has no one to blame but himself.

    What gets me are the people who make off-the-wall and/or offensive names, and still expect others to show them some respect. The world just doesn't work that way.


    I often times either make up a name that sounds like it would fit the game world or I name my characters after plants (that sound decent as names). Had characters named Ficus (hume) and BigSquid (galka) in Final Fantasy XI years and years ago. (Galka are commonly given names like that similar to stereotypical Native American names for those unfamiliar with the game).

  • InFaVillaInFaVilla StockholmPosts: 592Member

    There is a difference between judging a person based on their given birthname and judging based on a name they chose themselves. A person usually does not choose their birthname, they do not choose their genes, they don't choose their parents and their initial social class, etc. 


    However, there are many things people can choose. They  can choose to smoke, they can choose to be fat, they can choose their education to a certain extent, they can choose their manners, they can choose their friends and they can certainly choose their virtual name. Everything a person can actively choose should be a basis for judging them. 

  • teakboisteakbois Parlin, NJPosts: 2,154Member

    Here is one I saw in wow a lot:


    People putting 'qt' on the end of their names.  Usually paired with something about their class.

    rogueqt (or rougeqt)




    Edit:Just out of curiosity, I armoried those names to see if they are in use.  Sure enough there are 8 Deathgripqts, 13 Pewpewqts, 25 Rogueqts, and 2 Rougeqts




  • ropeniceropenice Lake Worth, FLPosts: 587Member Uncommon

    I kind of like the ones that are clever or funny without being lame, copied or overly immature. Anything that brings a laugh or a light moment. And even some immature ones are funny or don't really represent the player. I have a friend who made  a "Dildo Daggins". Funny the first time you see it and doesn't represent him as person or gamer, but that he has a strange sense of humor. I do hate the Drizzt or Legolas copies-just for their frequency and lack of effort to think of something original, but I still will group with anyone regardless, until they prove to be a bad player or person.

  • lobsterbotlobsterbot Katy, TXPosts: 5Member

    I judge players based on name because it is almost a tag as to whether or not they are going to be friend-worthy players. I would never run any instance/dungeon with a player that has an offensive name. It is more than likely these players are not good players and will probably do something really stupid. One bad player can ruin an otherwise good instance/dungeon. Something I like doing is finding random words in dictionaries and using those as names ( Stalwart, Stoic, Scapegoat, Torpid ).

    You forgot the players that just use Final Fantasy Character names: "Cloud, Sephiroth, Yuna, Tidus". They generally have extra letters on the end or beginning of the name because they apparently are very popular names.

    Some distasteful names I've seen in various MMORPGs:

    - Horsecox

    - Fetusman

    - Iamgod

  • opposedcrowopposedcrow Framingham, MAPosts: 55Member

    What other people name their characters has never really bothered me that much, though I'll admit it does irk me a little when I see people on RP realms with idiot names like "Istabzu" or "Pwnface" (yes I've seen both) but hey, not everyone plays on an RP realm to RP I suppose...

    I used to just assume anyone who was RP'ing with a character that didn't have an RP name (and by that I mean names similar to the two I listed above) was just trolling but I've since come to accept that some folks probably weren't interested in RP when they first made their characters but have decided to give it a shot and they can't afford/don't want a name change. When it comes to RP I'm willing to give everyone a shot despite whatever name happens to be floating above their character.

  • DecoyTrooperDecoyTrooper Baltimore, MDPosts: 239Member


  • ClerigoClerigo MatosinhosPosts: 400Member Uncommon

    You sure you call yourself Coyote in every game you play?? Now, now, dont lie to us :P

  • divmaxdivmax JhbPosts: 106Member


    Another hilarious article, Coyote!

    I agree all the way. 

    And yeah, I happen to agree that people who insist that its their own business what names they pick - its not entirely. When you play online games, you essentially come into a public area - don't act like an idiot - obey the dress code, don't disturb the people around you trying to enjoy themselves. Surely this is common courtesy?

    Good restaurants have dress codes, prohibit children below a certain age, etc, because they want to build atmosphere, surround their guests with quality and give people a good experience all round. Online games have naming rules for the same reasons. If games don't have strict naming rules, or they choose to only loosely enforce them, then they only harm their own business. 

    Is it so hard to use the random name generator? These people seem to just crave attention. 


  • Mors.MagneMors.Magne LondonPosts: 1,544Member Uncommon
    To the OP: please don't use the word 'ironic' when a different word, such as 'insulting' is more descriptive.

    This is an example of a truly ironic player: a SWTOR developer playing SWTOR and hating his own game. That is irony.

    These things are important because you are a writer.

    By the way, I am also a writer by profession. And no - this is not irony, this is coincidence!

    Personally, I blame Alanis Morissette for this. In her song "Ironic", every situation had no irony - they were simply unfortunate. I think she taught an entire generation the wrong definition of the word 'ironic'.
  • ArglebargleArglebargle Austin, TXPosts: 1,978Member Uncommon

    Actually, I think these types of names are very useful!   They let me know who not to team with.....

    If you are holding out for the perfect game, the only game you play will be the waiting one.

  • wolffinwolffin Kentwood, LAPosts: 186Member Uncommon

    Nice article that I totaly agree with.

  • GTwanderGTwander San Diego, CAPosts: 6,035Member Uncommon

    I tend to use obscure references, like from games I played in the past, and occasionally meet someone who recognizes it. Good convo starter.

    Writer / Musician / Game Designer

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  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    That’s what they get for having a stupid name.


    For a long time I tried to stick to a theme so that in every game I played, I had nearly the same name. Mostly because I'm bad at remembering names. Lately though, someone else had figured out my schtick, so I had to get creative. Now I really have trouble telling people who my characters are in games.

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

  • DarLorkarDarLorkar Texarkana, TXPosts: 985Member Uncommon

    That doesn't make you a revolutionary, it makes you a dumbass.


    Point of whole article of course:P

    Great as always thanks:)

  • proponentproponent boston, MAPosts: 92Member

    I somehow choose something clever in the games I play. Well "clever" for me. 


    My character name has to make sense in the world he is in.


    Some recent ones:

    DCUO: Protagonist, Antagonist, Protestor, Solution.

    SWTOR: Castor, Pollux and other star names. Star Wars ... doesn't need further explanation. 


    I usually tend to ask how people come up with names if it interest me and almost always try to ignore the types listed in your article.

  • pierthpierth San Antonio, TXPosts: 1,494Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Arglebargle

    Actually, I think these types of names are very useful!   They let me know who not to team with.....

    This I can definitely agree with. When I see these types I add them immediately to ignore and go on my way.


    I'd hoped to get into the thread before the "Jeez it's just a game" and "When you pay my subscription you can tell me what names to use" people, but I was far, far too late.


    Also, are there any AAA MMOs out there that enforce their naming policies? I haven't seen any in some time (even on RP servers). I stated in another thread regarding immersion that the only way I think this issue wouldn't come up is if you force all players to use a random name generator (and even then they can still possibly be abused).

  • fennec12fennec12 HaderslevPosts: 52Member

    I can almost use hours just to come up with a name. Normaly I deside how I'm gonna play my char. Is it a healer class spec'ed for dps, is it a ranger, tank what ever. Then I search "The Silmarillion" language section for words that match my style and combine them into a fitting name.

    I have even chosen a name and played for hours, just to realise I play differently than I wanted. Then I rerole the same char with a new name. (hell no im paying for name change).

    The only time I used 2 sec to come up with a name was in Champions Online. There I used hours designing my char, and the name was obivius when I was done.

    All thoes stupid names people come up with, shows me they just dont care about the settings of the game.

  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,332Member Rare

    I just wish players would stick to names that sounded real, twatathon names like he mentioned are for preteens. Grow up.

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    Now Doesn't That Make You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy? :P

  • kimbajmannkimbajmann meeker, COPosts: 9Member
    Had a ogre sk named fistdacoff that I was partial to
  • kimbajmannkimbajmann meeker, COPosts: 9Member
    Also a troll spammy named jimmjamm
  • ShmackpappyShmackpappy Grand Island, NYPosts: 75Member

    Originally posted by finnmacool1

    If a name isnt offensive/racist/vulgar/copyrighted,etc i honestly dont care. In fact i think every uptight, anal retentive, busy body that feels the need to try and dictate what others should call themselves in a game should be sterilized if not shot dead.


    Chill out.  It's just satire.

  • ShmackpappyShmackpappy Grand Island, NYPosts: 75Member

    Very funny Coyote but I have to add one to the list.  People who choose political figures for names.  I have RonPaul on my server for Rift.  All he wants to do is start political conversations which gets everyone going.  Half of which are probably not old enought to vote anyway.  I play MMOs to escape from the real world so STFU!

  • moosecatlolmoosecatlol Boring, TXPosts: 1,281Member Uncommon

    I've actually had someone call me up and ask for scrapped, was a weird situation.

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